Vulcan - Windermere Air Show

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Suddick, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. The air show is over two days next weekend. I am trying to plan to be there for one of the two days but want to see the Vulcan. Anyone know which day (and time) it will be there?

    The airshow and Vulcan websites are silent on the matter.
  2. It's doing an 8 minute display on Saturday according to this page
    Thanks for the heads up. We might just have to go along next week. Just wondering which would be the best way to avoid all the traffic...
  3. Saw it at Cosford last month.....awesome! :D

    Still sets off car alarms......and leaves a nice black air trail. :wink:
  4. The Vulcan is also at East Fortune Air show ( saturday 25th) .
  5. I saw it today at Fairford. I cant believe it still doesnt have a major sponsor! A truely amazing machine that shakes you to the very core.

    The timings of the actual flight were in the programme. I guess it will be the same for all the shows. But you can have a good nose around the Vulcan if you part with a bit of cash.
  6. Gutted. I'm at the Wickerman Festival at Kirkudbright that weekend :(
  7. If it's doing a fly past of the airfield - make sure you're well away from there - or you won't get to see it....
  8. Suddick would like to thank the honourable gentleman for his superior reading skills. :D We are planning to park at Burneside or Kendal and get the train.
  9. I was also thinking about using the train for part of the journey... :D
  10. Hmmm... now that would be a trip down memory lane.
    Spent a couple of days seconded from 4 Sqn Phantoms (RAF St Athan) in 1979 to give a hand fitting a main leg on one of these babies. I got to have a good long nosy around at lunchtimes. You really have to stand on top to get an idea of the massive scale of the beast, although I dare say they won't let you do that at the airshow.

    I will have to rely on my fading memory. :)
  11. Ah but they may let you jump on the hydraulic platform so you can view from on high. The guy who is flying it also flew one in the Falklands.

    There is also a stand purely dedicated to the Vulcan so you can be a spotter to your hearts content! :D
  12. I'd love to see the old girl again, the first time I saw her was at RAF Coltishall during an air raid on a TACEVAL, Heard the earspltting rumble, watched the ashphalt dance, the sun went out and I looked up....80 foot above me the sky was all rivets, grey & green paint and open bomb bay..........I was dumbstruck, but it didn't matter a F*** as no one would have heard me anyway....
  13. Saw the old bird yesterday afternoon headed south in Shropshire (presumably to overfly a showground in Bridgnorth).

  14. Carlisle Airport (Solway Aviation Museum) has a Vulcan, I believe if you ask really nicely you are allowed in the cockpit.
    It really is quite an interesting place to sit, perch in the pilots armchair and fiddle with the little red bomb release button :D
  15. Now there is an offer thats hard to refuse! :lol: The only reason I didnt go and chat up the pilot to see if I could get on board was because I really wanted to see the F-16 which flew just before the Vulcan. I had a VIP pass so was virtually sat on the runway and have a cracking video of the Vulcan taking off. Luckily, you can turn the sound down!