Vulcan Flies Again

Excellent news, congrats to the dedicated team who have restored her.
My pal is up there at the moment. He reckons that there must be at least 150 to 200 vultures, sorry Press People, there.
The webcam seems to be over-loaded as well :cry:
i live in Leics so i've got a good chance of seeing it! They're my favourites.
As Bruntingthorpe is south of Leicester and I'm east of Nottingham I'm not hopeful of seeing it :(

I remember watching a four ship takeoff during a TACEVAL in the late 70's as I was walking to school at Waddington, almost made my ears bleed....awesome.
There was a snippet on Radio 4's 9am bulletin which maintained that the aircraft was last used operationally to bomb Argentinian positions in the Falklands in 1984.

That must have been some headwind. :roll:
Excellent! have just finished reading the book on the mission to destroy the runway at Stanley. Some balls those guys had.
Programme on the History Channel on Friday 26th (Sky 529 Virgin 234) at 22:00 'The Vulcan Bomber: Return to the Skies' documentary on the campaign to restore the Vulcan.
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