Vuclan Bomber

A project to restore one of these beasts is in danger of folding BBC

Surely the MoD could fund a little bit for when the argies invade the falklands again?

It might just be me and my unnatural feelings towards planes but the vulcan is a stunning aircraft...
Why have the costs increased?

This project has had a lot of funding , privately and from LHF. I know one or two PPRuners lurk here , what's the score?
I've given them more than a few quid in the past couple of years.....

Love to see a Vulcan flying again.

Edit:- Cause is likely the insurance issue, which causes permiums to be set by aircraft weight rather than capacity... Or something like that. Very nearly grounded Sally B also


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I cannot believe that the MoD/RAF didn't keep one in a flyable condition in the first place. Have they given no thought to history?
This thread ran on PPrune for some time. Even the ex-Vulcan groundcrew were saying it was a bugger to keep these things in the air when they were on the 1033 , never mind in civvy ownership. We're not talking about a Shacklebomber here

As for hulk insurance, she isn't flying yet so what are the increased costs?
As the news was breaking about the Vulcans bombing the Falklands I drove past Duxford with its new aircraft on display. Not quite a museum peace yet.
I was at RAF Catterick when the last one was flown in to be used for firefighting practice. A sad end for a magnificent aircraft. Some bits were salvaged (one of the FS got the nav's chair; my Sgt got the inflight bog (a rubber funnel/bladder arrangement), which was made into a bar sign as 'The Flying P1sspot'.
If she was due to test fkly she'd need insured, and the previous system was cheaper... I'm not positive, just heard a load at the end of last year about the issue potentially grounding many historic aircraft.
I thought the Sally B issue was over the B-17 main spar directive from the Council Against Aviation following the American decision?

Mind you, why Sally B didn't offer proper theme weeks , where you all paid strong money to be a B-17 crew culminating with a mission is beyond me.
Nah EU insurance leg.

I believe Branson bailed them out for this year.

Looking forward to seeing her in June.
Anyone want to bet if the money was needed to maintain a Mosque the government would find it out of our taxes no problems , or yet more to pour down the drain of the third world? Part of our heritage and history , no chance
Which Mosque would that be Old Timer? It would have to be a b*****d big Mosque to get the same money the Vulcan needs to keep it flying and maintained. Perhaps the leader of the BNP could do a PPB in front of one, making the comparison , that would shoot his campaign in the head , no dramas.

The Government fund the BoB flight , so that's aviation heritage getting funded right there. Why should the Government fund privately owned Aircraft that could just as easily end up (God forbid) in a smoking hole somewhere?

As much loved as the tin triangle is , it's only offensive claim to fame is flying a rather long way to miss Port Stanley's runway.

It would be nice to see one in the air , but I'd rather see a Halifax , Stirling or Whitley . For the money getting spent on putting this aeroplane back in the air , you could probably restore the Halibag in the RAF museum.
Gawd... I dunno.

It would be nice to see some sort of recognition for those aircraft which performed service after WWII. We do actually have some history from the last 60 years...

The Vulcan would be a reasonable, if expensive candidate for such.
Then get the airworthy Shackleton back from across the pond? Possibly look at the Beverley if it hasn't been bulldozed?

Personally , I'd like to see God's own Fighter the Lightning (Should have been called Spitfire II) back in the air , or the Buccaneer , or even the ultimate dream , the TSR 2 rolling again under it's own power.
A Buccaneer will be airborne courtesy of HS Aviation before too long, I believe...

I imagine that some cynicism will be expressed on Pprune about this 'the end is nigh [unless you give us more cash]' announcement, since these seem to have appeared with considerable frequency. Prepare for the Daily Mail story 'Yanks to buy Vulcan bomber shame for Blair' type story (which appears after every appeal for pots of cash for XH588).
They are flying already at Thunder City but what's stopping them from flying over here in the UK is,I believe,something to do with the CAA not granting them flight status as they are still classed as combat aircraft.
I'd be tempted to call for the production of the TSR2, never mind restoration. :p

And let's not forget the Hunter either... Or the Argosy... Sea Vixen.... Gannet...

I'd better stop now I think.
I am also cynical , and I've seen numerous acrimonious exchanges on PPrune between those in the know , and those in the know on this issue.

I look forward to the inevitable "Vulcan to go to Yanks / South Africa / Arab Princeling" that will appear in the Mail or Express this week.

This project has had a large amount of funding. I doubt the Wellsbourne Vulcan has had a fraction of this sort of money , but the volunteers got in , and cleaned her up in the early days (including me) and now as far as I'm aware , she still does power taxies and fast runs (nose wheel up , oh the temptation) on certain occasions.

How long can the Vulcan be kept in the air after she passes her CoA? Where is the running funding coming from?

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