VU - The Guide

This is the link to the 'quick reference' card in VU:

Click here

Jolly useful IMHO.

Does anyone else get the impression that the whole game is held together with masking tape and glue..? :)


Now I don't want to hear that there's anyone out there who hasn't read these...... :D


No. He might enjoy it. :D
PMSL - I hadn't either! I keep being blindsided by real pearls of wisdom from Scary, Abacus, Sumo - well, everyone in fact - and thinking how the bejeezus did they know that?

My defence is that as a bloke, manuals and rule books are for pansies.

Abacus the snitch is going to get a duffing at break....
Darth_Doctrinus said:
I keep being blindsided by real pearls of wisdom
The best pearl of Wisdom is a quote from the CI on my CSC, "Gentlemen and Ladies, at some point in your career - maybe many points in your career - you will come across the, 'Oh, Shit!' moment!"

Being nearly perfect I wondered when it would happen to me and if it would be one - or many. I now know it's many and the actual "Oh Shit!" moment is when you lg in to VU :lol:

Obviously all those real-life Oh Shit moments that others may have accused me of must be figments of someone else's imagination :oops:

My dad's bigger than your dad, yar boo, sucks to you....


BOYS! Now play nicely or you will both stand in the corner until break. There will be a test later on the obscure elements of the VU rules so make sure you've done your homework properly.

Abacus - no copying

Darth - stop singgering at Abacus


I'm afriad to log onto VU this morning as I can't see the map properly here and it was all going horribly wrong late last night - report anyone?
Don't ask, I just lost another 2 armies and 6000 troops to 225 Nujbuks or whatever they are called :evil:
Nazguls Whitehorse. Have you not seen Lord of the Rings? They are the black riders - you know the ones who have black hoods and no faces........

I AM turning into a complete geek aren't I? :oops:
I have a small confession to make.

I have been multi-ing secretly for the last few game weeks. Following the advice in these pages and threads, I have now got a massive 'demonstrator' city in the far West of the map, deep in TED territory, which now has the locals slightly worried. The last income per round topped out at over 400000 - small by some players standards, but well above what I make presently using my 'actual' login.

Just goes to show - get a good start, read the manual, and you're well in! :)
I'm not confessing to any multi-ing because I don't want to get anyone into trouble........ 8O Including me. I keep forgetting who I am :D

Darth - we expect a proper step by step guide on town building then. You'll probably have anything up to a week between eras - maybe longer this time because of the server hosting issues.

Next time we need to have ready set-up guides of our own we can point new payers to instead of having to answer the same "how do I start" question 50 times.

Oooooooooooooh - get me - anyone would think I knew what I was talking about. Actually I've been playing this game for nearly three weeks....... :oops:
Yes - amazing how time flies!

I am going to put the down time to good effect - consolidated homes - mines - farms ratios etc, plus as much info as I can glean from this era's forums.

Unless our new King has me making brews. running errands and generally 'making do'. :)
I shan't know what to do if I'm not playing till midnight and getting up early to see what happened overnight.....

Still at least I can go away for the weekend without worrying about a bloody game...... and whether I can get internet access - seeing the family this w/e and they are on 56k dial-up :(

Your city has the gates open then Darth.... (since I can't find it) :)
Or think you know about Abacus. No I am NOT Sumo - he's obviously better at this than I am and he spends far more time on line than I do :)

I thought your name was gone from the Kingdom list when I looked this morning, but that might just have been because it was too early in the morning for me really......

So are you still in RS then?

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