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VTs within the rmp

Am doing a project on Voluntary transfers joining the RMP.
I am wondering whether there are any people who have done this and also what the views of people whpo are in the RMP are.
Do people feel there are benefits for the RMP by accepting VT's?
There are some benefits to be had from a VT coming across to the RMP, providing they are hard workers they will be a benefit. There are, however, still those that transfer just to get the tapes on their arm thinking it will be easier than having to work for a living in their parent unit. They soon realise though that the RMP is not the 'REMF' job they may have first thought it to be, especially with the current tempo of Ops.

Just the same as a DE's, some are hard workers and will be an asset, some, however, are clearly oxygen thieves and are a waste of rations.

I have known many VTs some of which have made fantastic coppers and have risen through the ranks through their own hard work, professionalism and drive, and some that are lazy f*ckers who think they are something special because they used to be in 'this corps' or 'that regiment'.

In general, I do not think that you can categorize all the VTs as being either good or bad, they are after all individuals and with that comes their own individual personality and motive behind the transfer. Their 'usefulness' to the Corps will also differ greatly.

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