VSAT Broadband Installlation Partner? - Germany


I'm a UK based project manager, but I'm representing a client looking for a German based satellite installation partner to install approximately 1,000 VSAT Broadband sites over a ten week roll out period.

Run rate of approximately 100 sites a week, with each engineer capable of installing 2-3 sites per day

10-15 engineers would be required to complete the roll-out across the whole country.

There would be a competitive fixed rate installation payment per site, equipment such as reflector IDU and ODU would be customer supplied.

The partner must be

1. Aware of current German planning/H&S Regs for satellite installation

2. Have German speaking engineers

3. Have extensive experience of domestic satellite installation in Germany

4. Have knowledge of the challenges presented by installing satellite installations on German architecture.

If this is of interest to you, your company, or if any of you with extensive BAOR/BFG experience could point me in the right direction please drop me a PM

Many thanks.
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