Can anyone in the know please help me?

I joined the TA in Apr '97 and have done 9 Annual Camps/Bounty Qualifying Years.

It has all been continuous service but i have changed Army Numbers on Commissioning Aug '05.

I'm due to start Reg Sandhurst in Sep '06 and therefore leaving the TA.

I'm wondering if i can still qualify for the VRSM?
Annex A2 to Chap 3 of TA Regs is specific:

5. To be eligible for the award of the VRSM an individual must fulfil the following conditions: a.On or after 1 Apr 99 he must be serving as a volunteer in one of the following Reserve Forces:

(1)Royal Naval Reserve (RNR);

(2)Royal Marines Reserve (RMR);

(3)Territorial Army (TA)
(4)Royal Air Force Reserve (RAFR);

(5)Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF);

and he must still be serving at the time that the qualifying service is completed.

b. He must have completed ten years continuous qualifying service reckoned in accordance with paras 7, 8 and 9, but subject to the provisions of para 10, and of which part but not all may have been served before 1 Apr 99. c.He must have earned training bounty as required by his obligatory training commitment as defined in individual service regulations in 9 out of the 10 qualifying years and his service is thus deemed efficient. d.Alternatively, when serving as a Reservist as defined at paras 7d, 7e and 8a, an individual will be deemed to be efficient unless his annual report, or a special report, shows otherwise.

Unfortunately, you appear to miss out by one month.

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