Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gnasher, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know the date you had to have served from to qualify for a TEM rather than a VRSM? I joined in April 1990 and have been told I do not qualify for a TEM.
  2. The Efficiency Medal (Territorial) ceased to be in 1999. As you joined in 1990 - and ten years' 'certified efficient' service is the requirement - then you missed it by a year. There are some wierd politics regarding this changeover period, but yours sounds quite cut 'n' dried.

    And by the way, the TEM became defunct in 1930 - and oft-quoted error of terminology.
  3. BuggerAll

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    Pace what Buucky says, you needed 6 year reckonable service in before the change to continue to be elegible for the Efficiency Medal. If you joined in 1990 and were efficiant (ie got your bounty) ever since you should have qualified for it by 2002. If you opted for the VRSM you would be on the 1st bar by now.

    You should make a formal application for the TEM (its commonly known as that). Get it in writing and insist on a formal reply.

    I know people who have been awarded the TEM recently. I have heard a rumour that there is going to be a cut off date because more people than anticipated are continuing to qualify and opt for the TEM over the VRSM
  4. how would a break in service affect the elligabilityfor a TEM/EM(T)?

    I have a VRSM and 2 bars but had a break in service if 18 months after the first 10 yrs!
  5. As we are all asking questions

    How would regular service affect such things ? I understand that reg service is halved when brought over for a TA LS decoration, however if all of it fell in the TEM/EMA(T) qualifing period then which medal would you recieve ?
  6. I was looking at all these issues earlier today. I'll try and post the DS solution later on - once I've found my photocopies of TA Regs. (Don't tell the PSAO I've been in his office again!)
  7. Hmm to correct you.

    The Efficiency Medal was cut and everyone from that date got the volunteer medal after 10 years instead of 12. It was the officers who got the choice to continue with the TD if they were over 50% of the reckonable service (ie 6 years).

    It was one rule for the rupets another one for the plebs situation.
  8. Yeah, and you know why? The Rods were all jarred off that they were going to lose their entitlement for post-nominal letters with the one-size-fits-all VRSM. I would like to hear the official (DCIs) line on this confusing period of change, as I've heard all sorts of gibberish. I've even seen blokes wearing both the EM and the VRSM who've done less than 22, i.e. 12 for the EM and 10 for the VRSM. One Staffy told me he'd exchanged his 18 year EM bar for the VRSM. Uh?

    I'm out of the loop now, but would appreciate some good gen. As far as I'm aware, any regular service is not counted for eligibility (EM). I also heard that broken service must not exceed one year, but I have my doubts about this - even if it does historically tie-in with previous (arcane) issues like the Militia, Yeomanry and Territorial Force medals, which did have this clause.

    Confused of Peterbourgh. 8O
  9. Hmm to correct you, Redcap.

    The whole purpose of the change was because the TD for Officers without an equivalent for the troops was considered unfair in our new egalitarian age. The new medal is a direct equivalent of the Efficiency Medal but can be considered as a lesser award to the TD as it does not confer post nominals. A cut-off point (6 years reckonable service) was introduced so that as few officers as possible would be disadvantaged and you would struggle to convince me that this was unfair.

    So now - in terms of intent and execution for any Officer who now has less than 11 years reckonable service at today's date - it is actually one rule for all and not as you suggest above.

    As a point of interest, when the change was introduced, I had 5 years and 9 months reckonable service so no TD for me. :cry:
  10. That is right. If you did the 12 years to get the TEM and then had a bar for it. You can cash in the bar (6 years) do another 4 and get the VRSM. So you have 2 medals. If you are an old git you can cash in 2 TEM bars get the VRSM with 2 years change.

    Any combination will work.

    You are right on the reason the Ruperts kept the TD for as long as possible.
  11. Ah, so there's something in that bar exchange business then. I'd still like to see this in print. If someone could roll off a copy of the appertaining DCI and send it to me [details via pm], then great, as I'd like this cleared up (I'm working on a book concerning LSMs).

    At least the EM and TD were visibly different awards. For a total pile of cake & arse, then look no further than the (now defunct) Air Efficiency Award for the RAuxAF & RAFVR. ORs got exactly the same medal as commissioned ranks (there being no Air Efficiency Decoration), but the Ruperts got to use AE after their names, whereas the rank 'n file could swivel! The VRSM is far more egalitarian in this respect.
  12. Does that mean everyone who has it can use VRSM after thier name or no one can???
  13. No one can - but its rather galling to see somewhat senior ossifers who have done the square root of fcuk all with their careers getting 2 long service gongs out of it, one being post-nominal!
  14. Gnasher et al - see TA Regs Chapter 3 Annex C for VRSM and Annex D for Efficiency Medal.

    The rules are complex. I have just soent ages typing it all out for you, and it has just dissappeared when I hit submit (AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!)

    But they are not unfathomable.

    To massively paraphrase:

    Nearly all elements of Regular or Reserve service (RAF, RM, RN, RAF or even commonweatlth forces, including OTC, URNU, UAS) counts towards the VRSM. Qualifying period is 10 years, but when counting reserve service must have qualed for bounty in at least 9 out the 10 years. Non-bounty earning years do not count towards qualifying service, but do not constitue a break in service so long as you have not exceeded 3 years non-bounty. Likewise, up to 3 years break on leave of absence or between services etc do not count as a break in service. Also, the first five years aggregated time on FTRS, SSVC etc count as full qualifying service, after 5 years counts as half qualifying service. Time spent on NRPS counts two-thirds. UOTC etc count half.
  15. Gnasher

    "Personnel (other than officers covered by Serial 5 below) serving on 1 Apr 99 who have not yet qualified for one of the exsting awards and who, as at 1 Apr 99 have not yet completed 10 years reckonable qualifying service [are] to be awarded the VRSM on completion of 10 years qualifying service."