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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Blyth_spirit, Jan 16, 2006.

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  2. Call it cynicism, but i think, It is because if you have a TA CO they want it for themselves and the other reason is that OC cannnot be bothered, because it takes too much of their time to fill in the paper work. Who else gives a txxs
  3. Sure you're not confusing QVRM with VRSM? Regardless, re cynicism: worth looking at New Year's Honous List - of the 5 QVRMs announced only one went to a CO.
  4. Absolutely abacus, every TA soldier completeing 10 years service should get a VRSM. Is the minister saying only 45 did in 2005?

    QRSM - totally different - MBE on the cheap.
  5. Maybe 1995 was just a bad year for recruiting?
  6. Hmm. That does seem curious. Surely the Medal Office wouldnt put all other medals on hold to try to catch up with the Iraq Medal backlog... or would they?

    year/number of pers qualified* for VRSM
    1999 1,375
    2000 1,001
    2001 917
    2002 810
    2003 593
    2004 319
    2005 46

    [*edited per StabTiffy's point]
  7. It wasn't issued, it was qualified.
  8. Good point, but surely the global figures could only have come from the Medal Office. Until they get round to assessing an application, it won't count as qualified.
  9. It would be interesting to compare the total number of VRSMs issued with the percentage of TA who have become trade qualified in each of those years. I suspect that turnover by Rank would be a very interesting table to view as well.

    Perhaps what we are seeing now is an overall reduction in Operational Capability as an Organisation as a direct consequence of the re-positioning of the TA as a source of plugs for Reg Army gaps. Start sending Officers and SNCOs out to DO THE JOBS THEY WERE TRAINED FOR and not just as watchkeepers or for purely CIMIC roles and perhaps the situation will reverse itself. Has anyone considered that many of the TA Soldiers are leaving beause they return to find they are under-command of some bitter, middle-aged men and women who have been waiting decades to be called up and now must realise that the only medal they will ever wear is their 1 VRSM, and subsequent bars?

    Just a thought...

    Although it doesn't answer why the 2005 figure is only 46, could the higher figures of the previous years be a result of people dithering about whether to commute their Efficiency Medal clasp for another medal?

    As another thought, are there any figures available to indicate whether there has been an increase in the number of TA personnel turning regular, thus losing out on the VRSM?
  11. OK - and I take the point on statistics so even if the 2005 figure is an anomaly, and taking into account the dithering over efficiency medal / TD / VRSM we are still looking at a falling number of recipients year on year, surely this should have gone up from 2001?

    What the figures seem to be saying is that less than 1% of the TA strength make it to the 10 year point. There are other factors - ex regs, breaks in service etc but even so it seems very low.

    I agree abacus all those tables plus the promotion, FFR & bounty tables nationwide would make interesting reading but I'm sure when they printed them out in MOD main building they looked at them and decided not to distribute them.
  12. Do a FOI request and print the results, on here, then.
  13. No the TA started downsizing early 90's, so surely the figure goes down (less recruits)?
  14. Establishment went down but numbers stayed the same - my point is that the overall number seem very low