VRSM mobilised service


I’m to believe that mobilised service counts for double qualifiying time for the VRSM(although I can’t recall what section of the JSP that it was mentioned).

Is the mobilised service counted from being accepted into service at Chilwell until the end of POTL or is it from stepping foot into the country you mobilised to until you leave?

TY to any learned ones who reply.
Doesn't count double.

OTC counts half
FTRS or Mobilisation counts half after 5 years.
NRPS counts something weird 1/3 or 2/3
FTRS or Mobilisation counts as 1 up to 5 years
Vanilla Res/TA service counts as 1.
So (for instance) from mobilising at RTMC until end of POTL is 6mths then add “vanilla” time which is 9.5 yrs, to the full 10yrs. Am I getting this right?
Yep. FTRS or mobilisation is valued less than weekend attendance whilst not equating to Regular service.
What you're on about is one of the older decorations (TEM?) where "War Service" counted double.
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