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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wayne1972, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have a clue as to the criteria for ex regs with the vrsm my psao hasnt a scoobie to be honest i have been given two differing opinions one being that two and a half years reg service count towards the vrsm and that five years regs count towards the vrsm having left the regs in 99 i have with much counting of fingers calculated that i have served 6 years ( i think ) in the TA so when and how do i get this funny shaped ceremonial accoutrement? answers please!!!!!
  2. what about if youve done 22 years in the regs and cant live without the army and join the TA? how many of those count?
  3. I had the same problem, so this is the DS answer:

    you can count a maximum of 5 years reg service to the award of the VRSM but the period you spent in the regs will only count as half qualifiying time e.g your 5 years max will only count as 2 1/2 years TA service, so you will have to complete a minimum of 7 1/2 years TA time to qualify :roll: . If you have been awarded the LS+GC, any time used to get it will not be allowed into the equasion.

    I had been a soldier 21 years before I qualified for a long service medal!!

    hope this helps, pm me for any further details.
  4. So even though Regular time is full time it only counts as half of what can only be called Part time if you stretch the meaning to a drill night, couple of weekends, a camp and possibly a tour!! makes sense
  5. You need to have qualified for ten consecutive bounty's to be eligible for the VRSM. Previous form in the Regs does not count as you are formally discharged from the Regs and then re-enlist in the TA. Your Regular and Reserve Service are not combined for LS&GC and/or VRSM. PM me for the Chapter & Verse. Hope this clarifies the sit.
  6. Is it definately 10 consecutive bounties, as in year on year, or ten in total ?

    I missed last years, my 8th I think, because I had to work on both of the ITD weekends the regt ran (although my employer did make up the money when I explained what working would mean to my wallet) so I hope I don't have to do another 10 years before I get something to go alongside my Telic one when it finally arrives ! Mind you, I'll probably still not have that in 10 years anyway so there's no rush :D
  7. 10 Years efficient "Reserve" service I understand you can miss a singular year in 5 to qualify so you could do 5 miss one then another 5 and qualify.

    After every 5 more years you get a bar.

    Don't get me started about the TEM.
  8. The old TEM did not take into account regular service.Regular service does count towards the award of the VRSM: it states it quite clearly in the DCI!
  9. In any event - your be drawing your pension before its presented to you.

    took 3 1/2 years for mine to come through.
  10. Ironicaly, TA mobilised service counts double! So six month tour is equivalent to a year for VRSM/Efficiency Awards. It would turn an imam to drink...
  11. I thought it was Full time service that counts, not Regular? That is Mobilised etc.
  12. Quite right: full time is the phrase, not regular. This is a TA medal, the only TA medal (except for those lucky sorts who managed to creep under the TD cut-off), and just as our long serving salts are not eligible for LSGC gongs for lack of regular service, the situation is the same for ex-regs wanting the 'been in every Tuesday and weekend since 1989 no wonder I'm f@ckin' dovorced now' medal.
  13. Why on earth would an ex-regular want a "STAB" medal? Not got enough of your own?

    There was me thinking the regulars all despised us........

    Unless some of them are suddenly realising that there is more to life than painting kerb-stones in regimental colours.

    TA - Be The Best (of both lives :) )

    Civvy job, home life, pick a tour, come home, holiday, home life, Civvy job..........simple really.
  14. Do you have a soucre for this, when I enquired I was told that this was only for WW2. Very interested if you can point me at the regulation as it made the differece between a TD and a VRSM for me and TEM/VRSM for some mates.
  15. I luckily got the TD as I had done more then half the required 12 year commissioned service before John Major very kindly called time. It took me 16 years (OR & Commissioned service) and another 2 years before the CO presented it to me in front of his driver, behind a TCV on Ash ETR! Sadly can't get any bars to it, as you had to sign that right away. The clock then goes back to zero and you have to do another 10 years for the VRSM, which is probably fair enough.

    I did notice in the London Gazette that quite a few old boys were cashing in a couple of TD Bars to instantly get the new medal! :D

    DoE TD