VRSM and HAC varients

Discussion in 'Medals' started by 2/51, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. A good friend of mine is ex HAC and whilst round his house finishing off his whisky collection he brought out his newely mounted medals, as you do, to rub it in that he has more than me!

    Now, what I noticed is that his VRSM has a different ribbon to mine. Seems the HAC have their own varient. A quick check shows they also had there own TA efficency varient. (Worchester medals have them listed)

    How come?

    Worcestershire Medal Service
    Worcestershire Medal Service
  2. Because they're special ...

    Because it's 'always' been done that way.

    Because they can.
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  3. Seems a reasonable arguement! I shall change the ribbon on my one to incorporate a nice "Golden M" and space for 5 stars.
  4. In 1906 the HAC had bestowed on it by King Edward VII the distinction of a special ribbon for the Volunteer Decoration and the Volunteer Long Service Medal. The honour was extended to the same medals under their subsequent 'Territorial' designations - remember the HAC refused to join the new Territoral Army until the Honourable Artillery Company Act was passed in parliament! - and to the new Volunteer Reserves Service Medal and subsequent incarnations. The ribbon is of dark blue and red, edged by yellow stripes - the sovereign's personal colours.

    Today the HAC's regimental stable belt is derived from these colours as is the Honours tie issued on occasion to those members who are deemed to have merited it. The colours remain the property of the Royal household and their use is subject to permission being granted by HM Queen.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Gayers
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