Discussion in 'Aviation' started by rmgbem, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Many moons ago (1977 ish) , I was visiting MW. Parked on the square (indicating ownership by Junior Rank) was a smart looking car, American I think, with the registration "AAC 1".

    Saw an "AAC" VRN on the M40 yesterday which reminded me about AAC 1. Just wondering if it's still around?
  2. The details for "AAC 1" are as follows:

    Vehicle Registration Mark AAC1
    Make MAZDA
    Model XEDOS 6 SE A
    Transmission & fuel type AUTO 4 GEARS PETROL
    Body Type 4 DOOR SALOON
    Colour GREY
  3. Intersting. Where is information like that available from, is it in the public domain?

  4. Autotrader for one
  5. Blimey, I learn something knew every day. I wonder what it says about my cut'n'shut Beemer 8 series.
  6. 8 Series? You flogging it?
  7. It's a cut & shut, so you should say "You flogging them?"

    What size donk, BTW?
  8. You can also use an online car HPI checker. I use it when looking at hotrods, as some people don't register them properly.
  9. I rather like the 8 series (later model) and have my eye on this little badger;

    840 Supercharged


    400BHP. Dont like the gay stripes down the side though.
  10. Noooooooooo mate, get an XKR or an XK8

    They were cracking and stunning in their day, now they look like a Calibre.
  11. You mean a slightly modified XJ-S? Pointless. Nice looking but are quim mobiles driven by bottom tampering bald people.
  12. Where as 8 series are driven by failed space sellers and double glazing salesmen who can't get themselves a new 6 series.

    The XKR looks nothing like the XJS. Nothing against the XJS (unless its brown :D) but the supercharged XK is as fast as God on a scooter and looks stunning. That 840 looks like a Capri with a Calibre body kit and gayer stripes than an AGC fullscrew attached to the snowdrops.
  13. Says the man who drives a RAV4, Volvo and a Mondeo with a body kit. :roll:
  14. I used to own a Calibra. They were nice back in the day. Look really dated now though.

    Not a massive fan of the 8 series, but the one flashy pointed out doesn't look too bad. I'll stick to my 3 series coupe for the moment :)
  15. Blow my pipe wet pants....... Never had a Rav4 or a mondeo :D Volvo... guilty

    Storming round camp with a cheesy number plate and a Mk1 range rover is hardly driving Kudos.

    Park it next to the 840, get yourself some gold jewellery, a ring with DAD on it, get your ear peirced, an ill fitting CnA suit, Bart Simspon tie and walk round them on the gold coloured mobile phone yelling 'sack the caaahnt'