VR Muskets in Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by siggie47, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. My son who is in Helmand tells me that the locals try to sell muskets/rifles?? marked VR Would there be any chance of getting one of these things back to the UK?
  2. They're almost certainly recent (fake) copies. I certainly wouldn't try firing one. "Khyber Pass copies" is the term used in collecting circles. Do a few searches on it and you'll get the picture.

    The copies are of no financial value to speak of and not worth importing. You can buy a genuine Martini-Henry for under £600.

    Firearms can be imported mind. I just think it would be more time trouble and expense than it is worth.
  3. they make good decorations and conversation pieces (dont ask)

    I brought one back from Kabul in 2001- the process was very easy

    an ATO examined it - laughed at how much I payed- took the piss out of

    me for describing it as a convesation piece- signed a cert (still laughing)

    I declared it when my bags were going home- showed cert

    took it home- hung it on wall- realised why everyone was breaking their

    shite laughing at me.
  4. The snag is that the exemption in S58(2) of the 1968 act for "antiques held as a curiosity or ornament" doesn't extend to replicas which yours almost certainly is. Therefore it is classed as a section 1 firearm and subject to the same controls as, say, a modern deer stalking or target rifle.

    Crazy? yes, but then when did British firearms legislation last make sense?

    What was the piece you brought back?
  5. Mine was a "genuine Martin Henry"

    bought in the market in the Miitary Sports club one friday

    and brought home with me
  6. Martini-Henry surely?

    It's certainly unusual to find an original turn up in Afghanistan nowadays from everything I've studied on the topic. Not impossible though. Got any detailed pictures of the action and markings?
  7. No I think hedgie meant Martin Henry - from the same sort of guys you would probably buy a Rolecks from....
  8. Indeed!
  9. Yes you can get them back it is very simple.

    Pay the dealer:
    No more than approx $150 for a Martini-Henri long
    No more than approx $180 for an Enfield-Snider long

    You can expect to pay more for the carbines - but not too much more as most of them are certainly knocked off in Pakistan.

    See the ATO and G1 Exports
    As discussed previously they will laugh at you, but you want their signatures not their opinions.

    Arrange to collect the paperwork
    You should do this in plenty of time as I am sure you can imagine, there are plenty of people doing this and it is pretty low on their list of priorities.

    That's it.

    There is no firerarms legislation associated with the imports of these weapon systems, but there is a requirement to inform the RAF that the items are inbound at your receiving airport. Speak to ATO they are usually a pretty good bunch - if not slightly odd with bits missing.
  10. Don't forget to declare to customs at BZN! I brought antique firearm back from Kabul, certified to the hilt (antique and obselescent calibre), declared to customs in advance - who failed to show up...

    They then turned up on my doorstep 3 days later, impounded firearm and tried to nick me for illegal importation et al. Much red faces when:
    Customs discovered the 3 x messages left with various customs personna giving flight and firearm details;
    RAFP (utterly utterly useless) discover that said RAF flight had not been manifested...
    Result? One happy RHQ with addition to fireplace! :clap: