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VP EXERCISE...Guns Fire Discipline

..Hi Can anyone help...
Calling all gun No1's or Gunnery Signals Gurus..
I'm after a word doc containing Guns Fire Discipline,eg.Fire mission Battery...Etc.
So i can reduce in size and make a handy crib card for teaching, at the moment i'm stuck in a very remote place where i can't get hold of any Pams etc..
Cheers in Advance...The Devil..

I have a Canadian Fire Mission Powerpoint presentation you might be able to use/amend.

Let me have an e-mail address and I will forward it too you.


I have the Pam 11 (2000 edition) as a pdf if that's any good to you?

It's unclassified, so I can email it to you. It's about 170 Kb, so you should be able to get it even over dial up.

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