VP Biden collects rent from Secret Service

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. Greedy Barsteward!!!

    The VP gets a large house, "Admiral's House" , in DC but Biden also owns a home in Delaware that he lives in for vacations, weekends etc. On the grounds of his big house is a small cottage. It was just in the news that Biden rents the cottage to the Secret Service for use by the detail protecting him. He charges the government $2200 a month for using the cottage.

    Having seen threads on the wretched excess of MP's and Life Peers on expense claims I thought I would share this.

    Landlord Joe Biden pocketed $26,400 in 2012 renting cottage to the Secret Service - Washington Times
  2. I could possibly summon a twitch of outrage if he was the first to do this. Is he, or is there precedent?
  3. It does come across badly charging your protection detail rent. Nice to see we dont have a monopoly on tossers in power.
  4. So you're suggesting that if someone else has previously been a dishonest, swindling, tosser then it's acceptable? Hmmm maybe Myra Hindley could have used that defence? - "Well, your honour, other people have murdered children before I did." Yes, I can see how that would work.
  5. He IS a politician after all, what else do you expect? They're uniformly a bunch of ***** across the world....
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  6. Price of hotels/motels nearby for a comparison.
    Also factor in travel time and fuel savings and he maybe doing the taxpayer a favour.
  7. For saving him? And he is a complete non entity in any case.....
  8. I'd buy that if their job wasn't to look after him at public expense.

    This is the kind of information that needs leaking as government money (across the world) is seen by those in power as a bottomless money pit they should try and siphon off into their own accounts.

    By The way. Secret Service??? They're not very secret, we know where they live.

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  9. Very similar to that great author (wah) Salman Rushdie who would charge his Prot team rent for staying at his gaff...allegedly.
  10. What's he need a security detail for? Biden is confident all his missus has to do is wave a 12 bore off the balcony and all miscreants will flee.
  11. It's the Secret Service, I think you'd have to stack it up against a few evenings in the nearest knocking shop.
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  12. The fucks are so cheap they can't even pay a decent tip.....
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