It would appear that there are far too many people 'just looking' and not signing up.

Clearly, the whole thing works better the more people join.  Don't be weak...


All for it, Adjt. I think this will be a cracking site. It will take a while for it to take off as all boards do. I for sure will be mentioning it on the next O group. Although I hope The Cav and truck drivers find somewhere more to their level.

Keep it up and I hope it will better the Mil forum on Pprune as it's just full of dripping crabs and wannabes now. Oh, and people who drive floppies, they can sling their hook too. ::)


I reckon this'll spread quicker than a quick thing in a "Lets see how quick it can go" competition.

So stop peeking and join up you free loaders - scared or something? eh eh c'mon then! ooh aah! Bif!
Well flash,you really have got to stop sitting on the fence mate,speak up for yourself,say what you mean and why wasn`t I surprised to see your name as the last to  post in a board called "Voyeurism"
But you had the last say on this thread, Onya!  :D

Hows it going big boy? Grey shirts and Farrah Staypress action slacks still getting through? ;D


Nothing at all meant by my remarks helmut (oops Flash ;) )

Merely commenting that I could see the usual tact and willingness to see the other chaps point of view shining through  ;D

How did the attachment to the diplomatic corps go. I for one have missed your well reasoned posts on PPRuNe ;D (tongue firmly in cheek in case you can't spot the sarcasm, no offence intended ;) )
Understood and appreciated, Humph. I'll try my very best to lay off the asbach prior to posting (maybe!!!). Or maybe it might be better with 1 litre of turpintine inside whilst randomly smashing the keyboard to bits. ???
Flash - touched by your earlier desire to ensure The Cav have their own site.

Damn good idea - at least here we can discuss ways of frittering away immense private incomes, which pony needs hot feed and whether Fiona will be returning borrowed GTi anytime soon.

Much more interetsing the the never ending 'mil speak' and TLA's you army types bang on..and on..and on..about.

What ho! ;)


Excellent site and I too hope that loads of people sign up. I will certainly spread the word. Was disappointed however that Still_Helmut held the truck drivers in such low regard that he put them on a par with the cav.


I thought from the Title this was a Porn Site!! Oh well back to the Cartoons!
I don't hold them on par with the Cav (you know where this is going!), lets just say this, the only difference is the colour the the Cords worn. ;D
No, this is coming from a 'I don't give two stuffs about the Apache, we should have bought Blackhawk' over paid mini cab driver. 8)


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

We're not THAT overpaid, I only earn £1.27 a day more than my SSM!!!!!

Lord Flash - You really do need to stop rising to the bait. Even if they are such easy targets!!!!!!!
Not rising, murph, just happy that I don't have to marry my sister to ensure genetic superiority over a litter of pure breed Labradors. ;D

Hows it going? Did you get my yahoo thingy?


Got it, and agree wholeheartedly!!

Can now abuse a far wider audience!!!
( More people, for the Cav)


Murph and Flash,
Don't worry too much about Rally_the_Greys, as I know:

a. He failed grading.... or was it aptitude?

b. If you have one dice you can bet he has four!!


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