voting problems? did you have any?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spad, May 7, 2010.

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  1. How did all these people not get to vote??

    did they just turn up 5 minutes before end ex

    or was there a big problem with not enough polling stations or staff?

    any ideas or firsthand knowledge?
  2. Can the election still be considered as valid if people were denied the right to vote for organizational reasons ?
  3. Friend of mine was a returning officer (not at one of these stations) and says there's no excuse, they have staff on standby in case of a rush so as soon as they had a queue building they should have called in extra people to speed things up. That said....why wait until 9pm to go and vote??
  4. I voted at 07:00
  5. Same here (I was there five minutes before, some habits die hard).

    My wife told the council candidate that I'd voted for that no matter what the result was; at one point, he was in the lead. :D

    Most of the problems in Sheffield were caused by students turning up without their paperwork and causing a backlog at the polling station.
  7. Blame fack all information given out to first time voters. ;) I had a lot of friends asking me what the hell they needed to do as they'd not received any information on what they should do in regards to voting.

    There was some mention of some sit ins at polling stations as well last night? Anyone able to clarify that one?
  8. Thank Christ I'm not the only person without sympaty for these halfwits who were "turned away".

    I sh1t you not on Sky News a few minutes ago was a student from Sheffield who said "I was going to go to vote at 3PM after my lectures but was told there was a 30 minute queue so I went at 8PM where I had to queue for 2 hours!". If this turd can't work out that 30 minutes is LESS than 2 hours then WTF is he doing at Uni?

    Who stopped him voting at 7AM? Nobody. Who stopped him voting via post? Nobody. If he can't stand in line for 30 minutes to cast a vote then he should off himself post haste.
  9. bet your s student ;)
    but if you were serious read my rant below :)

    That’s balls the polling card told you what to do!!
    and if you didn’t get that then BBC website or any news website had a "what to do if it’s your first time"
    and all local council had information on websites library etc etc

    what a lame duck of an excuse should I still be a virgin cause no one told me how to fock!
    I work it out .... focking is not hard nor is voting

    Looks like the polling stations over there were just overwhelmed by the unexpectedly high turn out.

    Lucky for us our local voting place is a large high school gym where they can get folks in and out quickly. Going to be a nasty one this coming November and even worse come 2012... already getting tons of junk mail from assorted candidates.
  11. Good guess. ;)

    I myself didn't vote, as my 18th is still a good month off unfortunately, and i'm more political than most of my mates!

    Ah, wasn't aware of that. As far as I was aware, most people just hitting 18 didn't get a great deal of info, or weren't even told they had to register. Might have been lack of effort on their part, but us grubby students aren't renowned for intelligence.
  12. Lack of information for first time voters is just balls!

    Prior to this election, my nomadic nature was one of the reasons that I hadn't voted before, therefore making this callsign a first time voter.

    I read the paperwork, took it with me and was in and out in 5 mins.

    All these people saying "Life's not fair!". Correct, it isn't!

    I bet the same people complain when they queue for concert tickets and don't get any as they've sold out.
  13. There was a young chap looking unsure outside my polling station so I asked him if he was ok, he grinned and just said "1st timer", so showed him where to go and who to see, took 10 secs for him to figure it out and give me a thumbs hard can it be???
  14. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    It has been 15 hours since the polls closed. How hard is it to gather the boxes and count them up?
    Sunderland managed to get their first declaration out at about 2300 last night. So I can't see the excuse.

    I know in some areas they live quite far apart, but you could drive from one end of the country to the other in that time.

    Also, why were people turned away because their wasn't enough ballot papers. Surely there should have been enough papers for every person on the sheet.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    We had a CCTV camera right over the polling booth!