Voting Irregularities...

Is this something that should be introduced to the Great Western Democracies?

Seems that in the bastion of enlightened governance, Kyrgyzstan, the council leaders and parliamentarians will now have to pass physical tests to prove they are fit for office. President Kurmanbek Bakiev says the new regime wants to encourage a culture of healthy living and has decided to start from the top down.

Tests for politicians will include running [to avoid irate constituents?] jumping [ to conclusions? to switch sides on an issue quickly? ] weightlifting [ to hold up mountains of useless and ignored committee papers, position papers, and studies ? ] oh, and marksmanship and grenade throwing [ so that they can defend their expense accounts ? ]

Frankly I can't see any of my present crop of ' ruling ' tossers making the grade.. and would we have to have gender-adjusted criteria to allow the wimmen to qualify?

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