Voting Intentions.

What are your voting intentions?

  • Labour

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  • Conservative

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  • Lib Dems (No seriously!!)

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  • Respect

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  • BNP

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  • UKIP

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  • English Democrats

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  • Misc Loyalist Party

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  • Misc Nationalist Party

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  • No Vote in protest at all political parties

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  • Total voters


Just an ongoing straw poll about service voting intentions. lets see how cynical we lot are?
I try and take an interest in local and national politics but then I think to myself:

“Bollox let’s riot and line them up against the wall give all the power back to HM Betty and introduce a Secret Police”

As you can tell I would vote for an Ultra Tory.
Military Junta is the way forward.

Think how well we run the Armed Forces with the minimal funding we get. Now think how well we could run a country with our hands on the Treasury.

I forward 'The Lord Flashheart' as El Presidente. Long live the Junta.


A vote for Flasheart is a vote for girls not being allowed to wear knickers.... bugger, I should have included him in the poll!
I think the poll could have been streamlined to read - "Would you vote for a)Neue Arbeit mit added Cherie or b)anybody, no seriously, anybody else?"

It seems that the great project has finally run out of steam and even with a hoofing majority on paper, the bliar cannot continue. I read the list of Labour rebels and counted about ten ex-cabinet or ex-first string ministers on the list of rebels. So, Tony we don't want to lose you but could you not slam the door and leave the Blair witch's tank keys in the fruit bowl on the way out? Missing you already...could do with missing you more.
Viva El Presidente!

What I coincidence that I’m wearing a black shirt and a long leather coat to work.

It must be my fate to be the head of the Secret Police.
noticed 2 has voted for BNP, quite understandable considering the Immigration situation, having them in power is another thing entirely.
however one thing to consider is would you continue to vote Laobour if Gordon Brown took over from T Bliar ?

same for the conservatives would your voting intention change if either Davis or Cameron is on charge ?

i myself probably prefer Brown or Davis, i will see hwo they act first before castingmy vote.

having said that , there is no such thing as a principled politician most are opportunist.

if there is an Honest MP then i will declare myself Jewish and eat a pork pie !
Long term opinion is that it matters not which party is in power. B Liar is getting quite like Thatcher was - who would have thought that when he first got into power. Governments have to deal with what comes. They have to think about support - internally (Taffs & Jocks) as well as externally (George W). They get elected on a manifesto which will contain things we individually like and also some things we detest. Once they get into power, they decide the priorities the manifesto points get and the speed at which they pass into fact.
As for choices, Cameroooon is just like one imagines a younger Ted Heath. OMG. Davies seems a bit too fixated on his single mum/humble beginnings such that I think he is really a bit embarrassed about them so brings them into play himself rather than be questioned about them. Brown may seem some sort of saviour but it is easy to look good if it is not you in the firing line. He is a bit of a bully in getting what he wants - maybe secret Calvinista? These are all characteristics that make them less than perfect as leaders. Whoever gets in will have a hard time deciding on staying as we are now or convincing a lot of Socialists that the Tories will do anything but have them in the salt mines the next morning. Were I younger, I'd be thinking who might get elected as Head Witch Doctor in some fuzzy-wuzzy land and buggering off to the best option amongst them. Mind you, Cheng Mai sounds very romantic...............even to an old bloke.
Cuddles said:
Tony we don't want to lose you but could you not slam the door and leave the Blair witch's tank keys in the fruit bowl on the way out? Missing you already...could do with missing you more.
Cuddles, I don't think most people would miss tony by much, it is said an LSW is Very accurate...

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