Voting in the General Election whilst overseas..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by magnum18, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. Im doing some research on political engagement within the Army.
    I was wondering if any one who was abroad during the time of the 2010 General election could tell me If there were any problems with voting.
    Did you recieve a postal vote etc?
    If anyone was on ops I would especially apprechiate feedback.
  2. No. None at all. Except my determination to rid the country of the failed and fatuous oaf Brown and his repellent apparatchik Balls and other third rate twerps.

    Study on 'magnum 18', but do not confuse the economic and fiscal truth and reality with political dogma and 'spin'.
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    You could do worse than send Hackle a PM as he and the BAFF people were very involved in service voting.

    This thread refers.

    Ignore lsquared. He's a one topic dullard.
  4. Message duly received and we will respond.

    We will also start publicising the forthcoming referendum and elections on 5 May, depending on where you are registered:

    Upcoming elections

    Elections to the Scottish Parliament will be held on 5 May 2011.

    Upcoming referendum

    A UK-wide referendum on the voting system used to elect MPs to the House of Commons will take place on 5 May 2011.
  5. more people doing research. How utterly tedious.
  6. More people writing bone posts. How utterly tedious.
  7. I find it a bit frustrating that unless you use the proxy vote and live outside the uk then being sent the postal vote 4 days before an election [and I assume the referendum] negates most enfranchised people overseas. [Even in Europe given that it takes from 2 to six days to most locations and about the same back. The one bit of buerocracy that should be changed imho, should be a longer time between voting forms going out and the actual event.
  8. More people going ott over a meaningless post. How utterly tedious.
  9. The postal voting system doesn't work, I'm serving in BFG myself and Mrs Bury attempted to vote but didn't receive our voting papers until over a week after the General Election. Utterly shite system, and yes we did send off our postal vote application in time. There were many in the same situation.
  10. I was serving in Germany at the time. I'm a registered service voter and I opted to vote by post. I received my vote by post slip on the day of the election.
    No ****ing use to anyone. The vote by post papers have to be back with your local office before that day.
    If you're trying to gauge numbers for any statistics bear in mind that that's applies to soldiers AND their wives/husbands.
  11. Just a detail: the postal ballot papers have to be there before voting closes on the day of the election. I fully agree with what you say.
  12. Ok thanks ... What hackle said
    But you get the jist. Just not enough time to get it back.
    Correct me if I'm wrong anyone but I thought I read somewhere that the Americans set up a polling station at their over seas locations to solve the postal problem.
    How hard would it be to set up say
    1 x polling station in Camp Bastion
    1 in Paderborn/Sennelager
    1 in Fally/Hohne
    1 in Cyprus
    1 in Canada etc

    There would be a few details to sort out ie troops in FOBS/PBS

    + the fact we'd be voting for different geographical areas in the UK
    I'm sure some fairly basic software could sort those problems. In fact if we had some sort of electronic system then maybe that could solve FOB/PB voting - instead of vote by post - Vote by Bowman

    Maybe these ideas wouldn't solve all problems but it would make a massive difference to the majority of overseas service voters.
    Having a polling station in a garrison would probably massively raise the awareness to that location too. Aren't we notorious for having a low percentage of us voting?
  13. The only way I can guarantee to get my vote is if I allow someone to vote as my proxy. Even significant changes to the postal voting system would be unlikely to allow me to use this method with any degree of certainty (unless it was to revert back to the system used in the post WWII election). I was able to vote in the last election only by chance as I returned earlier than most of my unit from deployment, most of my 100+ colleagues were, unless they had a proxy vote, completely disenfranchised.
  14. Not just service people and dependents, tens maybe hundreds of thousands of civilians/retirees living abroad who are effectively disenfranchised. What's the point in paying my taxes when I cannot vote because the system is shite?
    As I said on a similar thread a couple of years ago, the referendum in the '70's on the common market was delivered to us in remote locations all over the world. What/when did the rules change?
  15. Much earlier than the 2010 election, but I recall being on detachment and failing to get voting papers for a General Election despite trying hard. After the election I dropped a congratulatory note to my MP with a comment to the effect that "I would have voted for you had I been able to get the papers". The unthinking bastard raised it as a parliamentary question and I ended up tabbing the floorboards in front of a brigadier with no coffee. Didn't do my career any good and did nothing to improve the service voting system. I lost confidence in both the political and the military organisation. Has anyone had more recent experience of finding difficulties placed in their way when trying to get their vote (serving or dependant)?