Voting Fraud? Never!

If the will was there to investigate,I don't think that our system of voting and registration would pass scrutinity.
Yeah that cretin lives near me in the Cincinnati area. It's no question in my mind that she committed voter fraud and should be severely punished for it. :thumbdown:


It's global vote fraud, globalisation has reached voting and they're all fcuking at it. And our Judge Richard Mawre is dead right when he calls Birmingham a Banana Republic. "Nothing has been done about his comments or voting fraud, since 2005". That's a little unfair, have a heart. We've made such a terrible mess of things and have so many strange and unscrupulous people here now, that government just presides over the asylum and hides in the nurses office. Once upon a time, some of us had a bit of confidence in central and local government , now they're considered a fcuking den of thieves. Chances are, if you live in of our banana zones, you won't need to visit Birmingham. Postal and ballot fraud ended British elections as a serious and credible business, so that's that. Far too many people in power we're supposed have confidence in have turned out to be more bent than old Richard Plantagenet' s spine. Fcuking joke, basically.

By permitting fraud we betray democracy - Telegraph
I doubt whether George Galloway would agree.
Where would Galloway be without the 37 asians all living in one household and one person voting for all of them!
Where would Galloway be without the 37 asians all living in one household and one person voting for all of them!
Glasgow Hillhead.
Eh... it's Ohio. Where vote fraud is prominent and prominently ignored as it is generally the Democrats involved. Of course they say they "are shocked" and "don't condone voter fraud" but it continues and only once in a while does it make news, where it is basically ignored.

Usually it is other groups 'getting out the vote' (notice they never say bringing in the voters?) like the NAACP, who apparently were paying for voter registrations in Ohio, but not really, because they were bartering with Crack Cocaine. But I am sure it only happened in the one ignored instance where the purveyor of bad voter registrations (to be all voted for by the same persons filling out absentee ballots no doubt) went outside the lines a bit with his crayon in a small community.

I know this link doesn't have video, but it really is an interesting read (for those who can, unlike most of these "isolated incident" volunteers apparently).

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