Voting for the Combined Services Disabled Ski Team - PLEASE

Hi I received this today. If you can please action.

Dear All

Many of you may not know, but I am now very much involved (as Chairman) with the Combined Services Disabled Ski Team. As part of my role in trying to raise significant amounts of sponsorship for the team, I recently submitted an application to the British Airways “Great Britons” programme to try to secure free flights to help out CSDST with their training and racing over the next few years. Amazingly, we have been fortunate enough to be put forward as one of only 8 shortlist finalists.

Please, please would you be so kind as to go to the attached Link and VOTE (See application under my name - David Eadie – regrettably I couldn’t seem to get CSDST in as the Name).

Please vote and pass this on to as many of your friends, relatives and colleagues as possible so that we stand as good a chance as possible of winning free flights for the team members. You can read all about the remarkable achievements of the team in the section I have written – please do!

Thank you so much for your time and help – if we win, it will mean a huge amount to our Adaptive Skiers who have had a brilliant first season this year. It looks very much as though we will have at least three more skiers joining the team next year, so your VOTE will really help!

Happy Easter to everyone.


Voted. :D

Come on kids, it doens't cost anything to vote........
Just voted and obviously a worthy cause, however, with only one day left to vote your marketing strategy does leave a little to be desired.

Hope you win. :clap:

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