Voting for an idiot has consequences

Discussion in 'US' started by gator, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. The mother voted for a Left Wing ******** that ran on a platform to cut and run from the WOT so what did she expect?

    Obama Rebuked By Terror Victim's Mother
    Cole Sailor’s Mom Said Was Mistake To Vote For President
    By Michael P. Tremoglie, The Bulletin
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    President Barack Obama is taking flak from the mother of a USS Cole sailor for his decision to suspend the trial of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. Her son perished with 16 other sailors on Oct. 12, 2000 after an al-Qaida suicide attack crippled the American destroyer.

    Mr. al-Nashiri stood charged with planning and organizing the attack.

    During a Feb. 6 interview, on the FOX News Channel, Diane McDaniels, the mother of Navy seaman James McDaniels, said she declined an invitation to meet with the president earlier that day. She said she, as well as her daughters, and “everyone else” was “totally upset” with Mr. Obama for dropping the charges against Mr. al-Nashiri.

    “I voted for him. Now I think I made the wrong decision,” Mrs. McDaniels told FOX News. “There’s nothing he can say to make me feel differently. He may be the president but he’s wrong.

    “My son was blown up along with 16 others. I buried body parts for three years,” she said. “I’m still suffering and now he’s withdrawn the charges?”

    She also said the invitation to go to the White House was given to her only the night before it was scheduled. She was going to go at first, and then, she changed her mind after thinking about it. She had become disillusioned with the president.

    “He is only been in office a month,” she said. “[Is] this is what he’s doing?”

    She told Fox News that it also not matter to her that Mr. al-Nashiri might be tried at a later date. She said she does not think there is any legitimate reason to delay the trial.

    Mrs. McDaniels said one of her daughters commented that Mr. Obama should be impeached.

    Her sentiments are shared by the family of another Cole crew member.

    Gary Swenchonis, whose son, Gary Jr., was also killed in the Cole bombing, also turned down an invitation from the White House to meet with Mr. Obama just as Mrs. McDaniels did.

    Mr. Swenchonis posted an entry to the blog, terrorismpoliticians, on Feb.6, to explain his reasons for declining to meet with Mr. Obama.

    He described the circumstances surrounding his learning of the dropping of the charges against Mr. al-Nashiri. At the time, he had been returning from getting a passport on Feb. 5, so his daughter could attend the al-Nashiri court session at Guantanamo. He then received a call from a presidential aide asking him to attend a meeting at the White House the next day so Mr. Obama would explain his actions.

    He told the aide, “It was on a short notice and that we would not be attending.”

    “The trials of our son’s killers have become a political weapon that the liberals are using to get back at the past Bush administration, and the Republican Party,” he said. “While the victims murders go unanswered, and the feelings of their families are taken on an emotional roller coaster ride.

    “Myself and a good majority of Americans are wondering how can the Military Commissions Tribunals which were approved by congresscan be overturned a by a President who does not agree with them. That’s not a democracy. That’s more like how President Saleh in Yemen acted after our son’s killers were tried in their courts. Saleh intervened for the killers and al-Qaida and then reduced their sentences, and pardoned others.”

    Mr. Obama’s order froze all Guantanamo detainee legal cases pending a three-month review as the Obama administration decides if and where to prosecute the suspects who are held there. Mr. Swenchonis said he wrote a letter to Mr. Obama the previous week after learning of the order “pleading with him to change his mind.”

    He ended his blog posting with, “I just read where the White House speaker for Obama stated “‘The president is interested in swift justice.’ Eight friking long years to bring one of the terrorists to trial to only have the charges dismissed on the terrorist! And that’s Obama’s idea of swift justice? Oh please!”

    The McDaniels and Swenchonis families are not the only ones angered by Mr. Obama’s hastily issued executive order.

    When the order was issued Jan. 22, relatives and friends of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and families of those killed in action in Iraq were outraged.

    Debbie Lee whose son, Marc Allen Lee, was killed in action in Iraq issued a written statement in which she said, This is a dangerous plan that makes the anti-military Code Pink crowd happy and maybe even some of our weak-kneed European allies, but it is at the cost of Americans’ safety and national security. Not to mention, it demoralizes our troops who are risking their lives capturing these murderous killers.”

    Joe Holland, whose son was killed Sept. 11, 2001 said, “We demand that this camp stay open and that the (military commission trials) continue. Right here, right now, this is a good process; they are getting a fair trial.”
  2. So you post a link and then the story. No other comment than one line?

    Thanks for such a great thread; well researched and well put together! Truly outstanding!
  3. You are welcome. Your reply was also well researched and well put together.

    What other comment do you want? The woman made a stupid decision at the poll and now she is finding out that Obama may not be the Great Messiah.

    Why any military family member would ever vote for Obama in the first place is beyond my comprehension.

    The crewmembers of the USS Cole are going to get screwed just like the crewmembers of the USS Liberty. No justice will ever happen.
  4. So you have now moved on from cutting and running from a 'mission' in Iraq, that you couldn't identify to cutting and running from the WOT as a whole, despite troop increases in Afghanistan.

    Also degenirating him for possibly widening the war by going into Pakistan.

    SO which is he, a warmonger, or a coward?
  5. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought this thread was going to be a review of GW Bush.
  6. Will the crew of the USS Enterprise be safe?
  7. With his little announcement the other day that he was putting a halt to the surge in Afghanistan (thread posted) I decided his weakness to be global.

  8. So you'd be all for a bloke in charge ensuring more US servicemen come back in body bags instead? Your logic is akin to a box of wasps wearing swimming goggles whilst singing the third verse of the Armenian National anthem.
  9. I think that the effects of Obama's weakness will be felt on a global scale, the man is as you say a ********. You yankies are all doomed.
  10. Granted, but after spending so much time/effort/resources/manpower would it not be a waste to pull out now?
  11. That really is the exam question, isn't it?

    At what point do you stop polishing a turd?
  12. Therein lies the problem. A proper analysis should've been conducted before hand, projections etc made, and stuck too. Almost like a Project Managers approach, with tolerances for losses/expenditure etc, and once those tolerances have failed, or proven to fail in the short term then extract.

    To stay there would need a big commitment, and all the pros/cons evaluated.
  13. But hey, we do have the first African American president! That's worth sommat, isn't it?

    (you must know I am being QUITE sarcastic) ...


  14. I don't see a problem with the American CinC asking "what are we going to achieve, whats our plan".

    In fact it is a few years too late.

    It's not a halt as gator likes to think, troop numbers are still increasing.
  15. Considering that she is currently in drydock in Newport News, VA it is highly unlikely she could be sunk.