Voting Age Too Low

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CaptainPlume, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Today the Torygraph introduced its panel of voters who will comment for the paper on political issues until the election. One in particular makes the case for raising the voting age to 21, 25 or even 30.

    I give you Miss Shelly Asquith, aged 19 of Essex. Her reasons for being a Labour supporter? She likes social politics, thinks Labour have done a good job over the last 13 years, & thinks civil partnerships are a stand out policy.

    Naturally those nasty Tories say gays shouldn't be allowed to stay in B&Bs & she doesn't want to see them get back in & repeal the foxhunting act.

    I knw it's become the Maily Hellograph lately & I'm as pleased as any red-blooded male/lesbian to see the fruity girls pictured whenever the A-level results come out/there's been a bit of sun in Bournemouth but is this the Torygraph's version of "News in Briefs" on Page 3 ;)

    Link to the election panel to come...
  2. :scratch: so a young man of 18 can go of to fight and give his life for his country, but he isnt old enough to have his say in who sends him there? YUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH cheers cameron mate...
  3. If that young person expresses such lucidity as Ms Asquith then IMHO they should not vote or probably be put in harm's way...
  4. Eh? I missed the bit where Cameron was increasing the voting age :?

    I was under the impression that the Captain was commenting on the fact that 19 year old hippies shouldn't be given the vote, given that foxhunting, nasty Tories and gay weddings are apparently a genuine reason to vote for Labour.

    Unfortunately, I know quite a few people like that... :evil:
  5. So you're overall arguement from that then, is that because its not your opinion, its not an opinion worth having? Sound...

    Edit: Badger, I'm reading that as Tories wanting to increase the voting age? I stand ready to be shot and corrected?

    Edit Edit: Captain, Sorry if Im reading your point the wrong way mate?
  6. I didn't say anything about it not worth having... I was merely explaining what I thought CaptainPlume was saying. I've said it on here before, I'm all for people having opinions that are different from mine, unlike some on here I don't shout down all who oppose me. All I want is for people to think about their decisions, and if a return to foxhunting is more important than a pisspoor economic track record, then that lass needs to have a think about her priorities.

    Edited in light of Squirrel's edits:

    Squirrel - I was under the impression that it was CaptainPlume making that comment about the voting age... but I also stand by to be shot down! Brown's been talking about an open vote to lower the voting age to 16 (which would probably massively increase the Lib Dem/Lab vote) so you'd have thought someone would have ranted at Cameron by now if he was on about increasing it...

    **Edited again to clarify which comment I'm blathering about**
  7. No probs. It just seemed ironic that a very pretty blonde 19 year old Essex "marketing assistant" when asked her reasons for voting Labour highlighted foxhunting & civil partnerships as the main concerns out of all the other issues facing this world & our country.

    One thing I do know is that Labour & the Lib Dems have policies which would lower the voting age to 16. IMHO no one's opinions at that age can possibly be backed by sufficient knowledge or experience.

    Perhaps I should have put this in the Int Cell as it was intended to be lighthearted but was not going to post it in the NAAFI as the usual suspects would have covered it in bukkake jokes...
  8. Hence my comment about increased votes for Lib Dem/Labour :p

    I can think of better things to cover... like the fruity blonde... Oh, you said jokes, right...

    I'll get me coat.

    (Light-hearted enough for you? :twisted: )
  9. It cracks me up in the Sun when on the page 3 in a corner of the skin flick, there is normally a small caption explaining in detail how the bimbo has a real opinion on stuff which in fairness she probably isnt aware of.

    I agree completely on the whole too young at 16 jobbie though. If it hasnt happened already, most of their attention is turned to beating one out over aforementioned page 3...
  10. Well being as 16 year olds pay tax if earning then why not, or as an option ask if you do not wish to vote then you do not have to pay tax can see many thinking of that as the better way of doing things.
  11. You raise an interesting point on the "no taxation without representation" line. However I'd suggest that a large proportion of 16 year olds who do earn are more concerned about getting some blue WKD at the weekend without being asked for ID than who is better suited to sorting out the fiscal deficit.

    The tiny minority I have observed who are politically aware at that age are interested in the environment, nuclear disarmament or making everything "fair" to the exclusion of all other issues or are complete Toryboys/Labour Policy Wonks & therefore worthy of pity or disdain depending on how charitable one feels.

    There is of course a strong argument that those on benefits should not vote as they do not contribute finacially to society. Perhaps that's why (AFAIK) benefits are "taxed"?
  12. Wait until I find the link. Ms Asquith really is a very toothsome young lady (not that I'd mention that in front of MrsPlume) despite her political motivations. Perhaps she requires some tutoring...
  13. Don't worry CP, I read the Torygraph in work today...

    I think some other ARRSErs should have the benefit though!
  14. I'd put it up to 60. And the age of consent.
  15. Ahhh... I have found her on t'web.. [​IMG]