Voters want MPs housed in Barracks

The telegraph states that in the wake of the expenses scandal people want our esteemed leaders to be house in a purpose built accomodation block in London. Now this is not a bad idea but if one was to be built it would end up costing more than wembley stadium and 10 years late so i thought why not house them in the many barracks in London and the surrounding area's.
Now this has given me some amusing thought's as to what might happen if they were to be housed in a real army barracks.
Imagine Alistar darling sound asleep when big Tam of the Scots guards enters his room in a state of inebreation not realising that in front of him is the chancellor of the exchequer not a toilet as he lets rip and lags all over the prostate form. Alistair jumps up in shock which turns to outrage as he realises it's him that stinks like a bus shelter he begins to berate big Tam who unimpressed by the right hon gent simply proceeds to give him a good shoeing leaving Alistair in a pool of p1ss and blood with PM's questions a mere 3 hours away.
The image of this has cheered me up no end can anybody eles come up with ideas how squaddies and MPs might interact if forced to live together
I would love to see their faces when JPA refuses to pay expenses claims, like it does for everyone else!
Give them what's left of Chelsea Bks, two blocks of MSQs and a dug up parade square. First in get the flats and the rest can sit on the square waiting to see if a C130 will appear to drop tents and food.

Bonus to this is that the number of overseas fact finding missions should reduce as well.
Whilst I'm in favour of MPs living in publicly-owned accommodation (my instinct says 12 man rooms, though realistically they’d be 1 bedroom flats) I've no doubt that they'd trot out a load of reasons allegedly related to security as to why they should not be housed together (imagine if a bomb went off and took all of the Legislature and Executive out [aside those living in G&F accom] – wouldn’t it be terrible! No, really, wouldn’t it… :twisted: ).

I would not accept any demands for properties larger than 1 bedroom flats (which would no doubt be demanded by MPs with children) on the basis that the flats are for the working week and on the odd occasion that they might have their families to stay, they can put them up on sofa beds or fund hotel accommodation out of their own pockets. The profiteering that’s been going on with the property expenses and the evasion (it’s far more than avoidance) of CGT needs to be properly punished and prevented from ever occurring again.


I understand that there is a suggestion that would put all MP's that have to stay in London in the Stratford Olympic Village after the 2012 games. Seems perfectly sensible:

1) We paid for it - so the Taxpayer should extract as much value as possible from that investment. Save us a fortune on second home costs, duckhouses and bath plugs

2) They'll be right next door to the planned Social Housing on the site - so they can see how the rest of the world gets by.

3) They can use the Jubilee Line from Stratford to get to Westminster.

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There's a nice barracks just outside Colchester that could be used as temporary accomodation for MPs during their long summer holiday.

Might have to reactivate the Nissen huts or put them in tents, but I'm sure that 12 or 16 weeks MCTC would be good for their souls.

Failing that, I think it makes sense to concentrate them in one location - a sort of Westminster Leper Colony.

No frills one bedroom flats with a built in office, close enough to Parliament to encourage regular attendence.


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They can have the same standard of accomodation as the rest of the civil servants who 'do an important job for the country', such as Nurses and Soldiers.
Don't forget that Sodexho should do the catering, and Annington Homes the maintenance.

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