Voters want Blur in Dock

If we can get him in court lets charge him with taking this country into an illegal war and for all the deaths and injuries to our troops.
I will gladly volunteer to pull the lever on the gallows to get rid of what must go down as the worst PM this country has ever had.
If everyone in the UK wrote to their MPs requesting that a motion of no confidence in the PM is raised in Parliament, it would undoubtedly fail but it would generate enormous media pressure on the liar.

I would like to see him face the black-capped judge over Iraq primarily, but he surely has a charge sheet as long as that new dam in China.

Picture the scene: Newspaper and television reporters line the street outside the Old Bailey waiting for a glimpse of Tony Bliar; the Prime Ministerial Jaguar pulls up and out steps Tone, smiling for the cameras and explaining this is just another fight against the forces of Conservatism.

The case opens and Tone bases his defence on not telling the truth and the fact that the judge is a ringer put in place by Champagne Charlie.

Case dismissed... :x
Why do the British Public want Blair in dock? Is it because of series of ghastly blunders? Is it because we seem to be heading on the motorway to ruin , because of his perceived unswerving allegiance to a foreign power?

Or is it simply - You have disgraced our collective name and catastrophically reduced our reputation for being all that is fair and right on this planet , Prime Minister?


Given the recently exposed conduct of our Ministers and thier total disregard to criticism, hopefully the Labour Party will implode under the weight of deciept and arrogance it has displayed over the past few months.

Stand down Blair.
Interesting article by Roy Hattersley explaining just how much toadying goes on.

My favourite is the story Hattersley told about Patricia Hewitt when he and Neil Kinnock were both going for the Labour leadership

At the end of the Labour conference that elected Neil Kinnock (rather than me) as leader, Neil and I sat outside the Grand Hotel in Brighton to give photographers a display of the harmony that would characterise our relationship in the years ahead. Neil drew a letter from his pocket. He was about to ask for my advice. The letter was from Hewitt. It offered Neil her very best wishes in the leadership campaign that had just ended, asserted that he was the only man who could lead Labour out of the wilderness, and offered him her services as press spokesperson. “What do you think?” he asked me. I was able to tell him that I had received exactly the same letter.
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