Voters more rude.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabtastic, Oct 4, 2005.

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    Good :!:

    About time that voters got up in the face of these professional bullsh1tters and make them answer the question asked instead of reciting the talking points for the day. however, I'm not at all surprised that MPs take umbrage at this as they all too quickly forget that their job is to represent us instead of acting as some sort of master race. Fcuking Edmund Burke.
  2. It seems to me that mrs Spelman hasn't sounded namely this phrase to voters. After words 'Iraqi war' and 'failure' probably she would be heard.
  3. Awwwh well what a shame, the poor lady feels the voters are acting like Jeremy Paxman and being rude... one would never think that the average joe would feel like that then :roll:
    She may not be the right target to vent their frustration (and what a range of topics to be pissed off with) but IMO most voters are losing their trust and patience in any MP especially from the two main parties.

    Simple solution; they didn't ask for you to come round luv so don't fecking knock on their doors then! :D
  4. ahhhhhhhhhh diddums. Salary and perks not enough love?

    Meriden and Balsall Common. Where the rich White folks live, yessum. Must have come as a shock to be told to "f**k off", on the door of an 800k drum :D
  5. Hear hear!

    Well said, crabtastic. Rather than whinge about it, they would be well advised to put their own house in order and give us some reason to trust them.
  6. Like htat many of todays Soap-dogers watch high-brow news like Newsnight.

    Personaly I like (P)axman brutaly shavaging people, I think He should get some sort of honour on the queens bithday list.
  7. Breathe in the bag Sir.
  8. "The public had clearly lost trust in politicians and thought they were only "in it for themselves", [Miss Spelman] added."

  9. Now what on earth could have given us that idea?
  10. Aitkin, Archer, Mandelson, Blunkett...

    And all the other t0ssers that I can't be arrsed to remember!

    There are good, hardworking MPs, but the good work done by most of them goes un-noticed because of the reported scandals of the fcukwits who abuse the system. I used to live in Norfolk and we had an excellent MP, Gillian Shephard, who was always out and about finding out what was going on and letting people know what she was up to,