Voters: Labour not telling truth about public finances

Well, there is something that comes as a total shock.

How can this possibly be? I wonder what caused it? :roll:

Voters believe Labour is not telling truth about public finances

Guardian/ICM poll records 17-point Tory lead over Labour – second highest since series began in 1984

"An overwhelming majority of voters think Labour is failing to tell the truth about the state of the public finances, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll. The result suggests the government has come off worst from a week of squabbling between the parties over the deficit, and Gordon Brown's admission that spending cuts will be needed.

Only 14% of voters think Labour is telling the truth about the country's financial situation. More than twice as many believe what the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats say.

Even Labour supporters do not trust their party: only 36% of current Labour supporters, and just 26% of its 2005 voters, think the government is telling the truth about debt.

By contrast 36% of all voters believe
the Tories, 32% believe the Lib Dems and 33% believe no party. Unlike Labour, a clear majority of each opposition party's supporters trust what its leaders have to say"
Labour telling lies? I find that very hard to believe. :wink:

This awful mob would never dare to tell the truth - there would be lynchings!

Now, one of their most rodent like apparatchiks - Scottish naturally - is hoping Alistair Campbell will return to the fold in time for the next election.

Just what is guaranteed to ensure a Labour victory - the presence and assistance of Mrs. Bliar and Alistair Campbell
Labour and Truth are mutually exclusive.

Case in point? Their Party name.

Most 'Labour' MP's have never held down a wage paying manual job.

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