Voters are put off by Blair but not ready for Howard.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cpl_ripper, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. timeonline

    I really couldn't agree more! However polls are polls
  2. politicians, all liars and t@ssers....some proven.......Labour and some not....yet :wink:
  3. Agreed. This one's appropriate, so I'll re-post it here

  4. More like arrse and arrse, actually. A pretty good indication of how these bottom-feeders are regarded by the people. I hereby launch the Campaign For Invisible Government. Ministers as Servants who bloody well do as they're told by the people (by referendum) and whose faces and names are banned from all news media - is there anything else we really want the swine for?
  5. An interesting part of that MORI poll:
    Respondents were asked:

    To Q7 15 % replied "National Health Service/Hospitals". 44% gave this as their reply to Q8.

    The second most important issue to emerge was "Race relations/immigration/immigrants", of which 16% replied this to Q7 and 33% to Q8.

    I've seen this sort of breakdown before in newspages on the web and in newspapers; what I haven't seen is a serious attempt to break that second reply down into the reasons for their concern. Perhaps the pollsters are too worried that they'll get honest answers which perhaps will, under current legislation, get them chucked into clink.

    Climate of fear? I'll say.
  6. Planning a research project?
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    Latest MORI Political Monitor
    Representative sample of 1,063 UK adults aged 18+ interviewed face-to-face between 17-22 March 2005.

    Voting Intention — All Certain To Vote

    Lab 37%

    Con 37%

    LD 20%

    Satisfaction Rating

    Gov't -28%

    Blair -25%

    Howard -10%

    Kennedy +10%

    Most Important Issues

    NHS/Hospitals 44%

    Race/ Asylum 33%

    Education/ Schools 30%

    Crime 29%

    Defence 24%

    Pens' 13%

    Economic Optimism

    Imp' 15%

    Stay the same 48%

    Get worse 30%

    If only Charlie Krankie could translate that into Party policies.
  7. Mmm, yes, but all the poll tells anyone is which issues are important, not why or which aspects of them give people the blisters. I don't actually think that the methodology was up to scratch, either, as the heirarchy of concerns is limited to the most important and second-most-important issues, so the overall picture is very skewed. It's interesting to see which issues are least regrded as being in the top two categories, though. N Ireland has 0% of the vote on that, and Europe and everything to do with it gets 3%.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Sounds good to me Whiskybreath, but how about some accountability similar to the US criminal idea of 'three strikes and you're out' ?

    I was thinking of something along the lines of 'two strikes and they're hanged' !

    Capital punishment for MPs only, how do we get it enacted ?
  9. The only reason charlie is so popular is because no-on knows what he stands for (and sometimes i dont think he does either! :twisted: ) and therefore have nothing to judge him on.

    Liberal democrats: We stand for something, we just dont know what yet! :wink:
  10. :D Definitely on for that!

    What struck me about a report some years ago about the various European democracies was that in the Swiss system most of the citizens there have no idea who's in their government. Can you name the Swiss PM? President? Neither can I, and I think that's a bloody Good Thing.
  11. I'm in! :D We need a system like they have in California where you petition to get a 'proposition' on the ballot form at elections like, for example, 'Any MP who is found guilty of corruption or abuse of power is immediately hanged by his nadgers, in public, by Girls Aloud'

    That would soon bring them into line.
  12. Truly and example of people power!

    Can i make an ammendment to your proposition though?

    The girls have to be naked and gwar one has to wear a paper bag over her head! :twisted:
  13. If voters are put off by Blair but not ready for Howard, then think how much more unready they are for Brown!!

    As for Charles Kennedy, his therapist must be working overtime..."No really Charles, these aren't delusions caused by the DTs, Westminster really is like this..." My advice to him is naff off back to the mother Ship where he would have a high probability of securing the first minister's gig.