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I've just received a "Voter Registration" form which, amongst other things informs me in upper case that "YOU ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO GIVE THE INFORMATION ASKED FOR ON THIS FORM" but with no reference of what law am I contravening by not completing the form. This I find a tad suspicious.

Question is; Is this an unsupported threat to scare people into registering or is there a punishable offence by not complying?


I had a bloke coming to my house about 2 years ago asking me to sign the said form. He said he was from the Council but as I don't trust anyone knocking on my door, I didn't sign anything. He was arguing I had to sign.

I suggest you complete forms that YOU downloaded off the internet yourself, from the official page of your local Council, if you want to register yourself to vote. Or phone them and ask them to send you the form by post.

It will help your credit rating if you are registered to vote. I would recommend you to do it. However, registering to vote is a choice, it's not obligatory. You don't have to complete the form if you don't want to.
They should put a reference to the law and the specific section and/or sub section of it. By doing that they would cover themselves for any come back, never noticed this myself before and I should have.

As acl said, download forms that you know are from the Council site, or alternatively ask the nice person knocking on your to explain to you exactly what law you would be breaking, should they fail to give you that information you can then legally tell them to bugger off and come back when they do
There is normally an enquiry number on the canvass form. Suggest you give them a ring and ask what offence you would be committing by non-compliance.

Having said that, the so-called annual canvass is the cornerstone of the electoral registration system in the UK and if it was not for the annual canvass, there would be far fewer voters registered at their current address.

The canvass form is far easier and more convenient than having every individual resident having to fill out a full electoral registration form every year.

[No doubt other registration systems are possible: this reply is about the existing UK system; as you know there are separate arrangements for those service personnel and their partners who wish to register as service voters.]

The person to whom the form is addressed surely has a strong moral obligation (at least) to ensure that other residents of the same property who are entitled to register are not omitted from the electoral roll.

As to any qualms about it being a scam, these forms are invariably returnable to an official address and should there be any doubts about the address, it can easily be verified via the internet or local telephone directory.
Tell them to piss off. No fcuker knocks on my door and demands that I fill in any form by threatening me with some law they cannot even identify.

Any idiot can go round pretending to be from some council or other dubious government quango and demanding information. Tell them to shove it and get their act together first.

Since when has it been law that one must be on their voters register?

Corner stone of democracy? Rubbish - the UK is a country where membership of a legal political party can cost you your job and make you subject to harrassment by the police. Meanwhile, the scum party in power can and does lie, lie, and lie again.
Yeah, and the best way of avoiding an annoying visit from an official canvasser might be to complete and return the simple annual canvass form when it arrives. I and my family have never had such a visit.

I find that the troublesome words "The law requires you to give the information requested in this form..." are in fact prescribed in the electoral regulations, so the electoral registration officer has no choice in the matter.

If anyone does ask their registration officer about which law requires the information, I would be interested in the answer.

I doubt that any legal political party would thank us for trying to discourage members of this website from registering to vote.
It is not about discouraging people to register to vote. It is about someone turning up at the door and demanding personal information and alleging that you are breaking some or other law if you fail to obey them.

Who are they people, which jumped up government gauliter do they work for?

Sorry I never give out personal information to stangers if I can help it, and no door to door salesman or whatever they want to call themselves will get anything from me that way.

I suppose that:

a. I do not trust stangers.
b. I do not like univited door to door salesmen
c. I do not want to tell anyone in government anything about me if I do not have to and even then I will resist and make it as awkward as possible for them.
d. I do not cooperate when someone turns up out of the blue ordering me to comply with legal threats.

Mind you I am not suprised that people are wary about this sort of thing. The scum in power have gone out of their way to create a society in which there are all sorts of mini-gauliter like sh!ts out there determined to annoy as many people as possible, normally with the sole intention of stealing money from them for various minor "infringements" that are very easy to issue cash demands for, but bloody expensive to seek justice from.
It is not about discouraging people to register to vote. It is about someone turning up at the door and demanding personal information and alleging that you are breaking some or other law if you fail to obey them...
Thanks for clarifying! I was trying to answer TGS's original question at the top of the thread.

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