Vote WALKEN 2008!!

Hmm this quote from the website sums it all up nicely and is probably a good indicator of how seriously he'll be taken.

"If you want to learn to build a house, build a house. Don't ask anybody, just build a house.".
He'd make a finer president than Bush or Kerry, but so would I.
Won't put down anyone for taking an earnest interest in their country, no matter what their present occupation.. however.. given the creepy, macho tough guy roles Walken eschews and the ' persona' he projects, I hope that people, if they take his run in politics seriously, don't project his film image onto what they hope for in the man.. He may not be [ and probably isn't ] anything like the image he has from film/tv.

then, again, everyone apparently misjudged and misread Ronald Reagan as well, thinking him just a' aw shucks' folksy B movie hack..he, it seems, had a few brain cells to use before alzheimer's set in and knew what america needed at the time or was, at least, smart enough to surround himself with the right sort of smart advisors for the time..

remains to be seen if Walken can generate that kind of buzz.. Also, Walken has no public service experience. Reagan ,at least came up through the mill and served as California governor, where he proved himself, before taking a run at the Top Job..and, he worked through a long-established party -

Walken , if this isn't a wind up, isn't endorsed by any party left or right or indy , it appears, so this is one long shot of a long shot.. still.. he's got the right to try..

politics always attracts the fringe element, just as Peter Dow...
I'm a bit of a fan and have seen him interviewed several times. He comes across as a gentle, charming man; a trained dancer with several strings to his bow beyond acting.

Don't know about his politics.

Vegetius said:
I'm a bit of a fan and have seen him interviewed several times. He comes across as a gentle, charming man; a trained dancer with several strings to his bow beyond acting.

Don't know about his politics.

Have you seen the video to Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Mass Destruction where he dances round the hotel lobby?
if I was a septic Id vote for him, (but then again if I was a septic Id probably be as brain dead as the majority of them and vote for Bush again even though he cant stand next time) he is the man for the job, and a great friend, did you know that during the Vietnam war he kept his dead friends watch up his arrse while he was in captivity, just so that he could pass it on to his friends son!! that boy grew up into Brue Willis!!! if Mr Walken can do that for 1 person, imagine what he could do for the country!!

Christopher Walken for President 2008

(he fcuked up against Batman though, but who hasnt?)
exile1 said:
Vietnam............wo's mixing fiction with fact?
you believed me?!!!!!!
This looks suspiciously like a wind-up, but one actor with the serious intention of running for President sometime in the future is.....................................WILL SMITH! 8O
No seriously! Although I must admit after I finished pi*sing myself laughing at the prospect of the fresh prince as the most powerful being in the known universe, the idea is growing on me.
He is undoubtedly intelligent, charming, tall (no one wants a short-ar$e as CEO) and perhaps most importantly of all, he's black. All other things being equal, best man (person) for the job etc, it would make a refreshing change for someone other than the usual Irish/American male to sit behind the big desk.
Christopher Walken for President 2008

as Nike would say:

Just do it!!
Will Smith for da Prez?

nope.. the US is skipping over a Black Man in top office and going for gender equality front and centre with the contest between Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton [ with Condoleeza getting added points for being a ' person of colour ' ]..this despite Condi denying she wants the shot and hillary all but salivating over the prospect..Condi has no squeeze to get in her way, though dating while in the White House could be problem, and Hillary has that big anchor around her neck in Bill as the First Hubby to contend with [ Bill back in the Ehite house free to use the Lincoln Bedroom to ' interview ' support staff..oooh..short leash there maybe.. ]

Yup definitely battle of the Babes coming next.. unless US wimps out and decides on two middle aged white guys again...
I suppose Smith, despite having starred in the utterly dreadful, guns-a-blazin' Bad Boys movies is a pro-Gun Control Democrat.

Not that my views on gun control are relevant, but the usual hyprocrisy of Hollywood Liberals is more relevant here.

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