Vote to save the Infantry Regiments!

Tactical voting to stop Defence Cuts.

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I appeal to voters to read the proposed plans for future infantry regiments thoroughly,ask the candidates about their stance on cuts, either by letter or in person if you can.Please use "stategic" voting to put in the party which will actually help the Forces in the future.
I have written to all Scottish MP's in the last parliament,some English and some Welsh. From "One!!!" political party,only two members said they were against cuts in the defence services.
Be informed.ask questions .Vote tactically this election. 8)
Interesting result set so far

Would be nice if it was a true demographic for the UK.



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I will be glad when this bloody election is over, although I probably won't be as happy with the next few years.

I just wish there were a sufficient number of good Independents out there who could get in, use their own brains instead of following like sheep into the voting lobbies. A pipe dream perhaps but this idea of voting in an individual who then has to follow the party line is ludicrous.

Unfortunately in my area it is a case of if the donkey has a Labour rosette then that's who gets voted in, and believe me there have been plenty of donkeys with little prospect of change!
roman said:
Be informed.ask questions .Vote tactically this election. 8)
Couldn't aggree more, Keep Howard out! :lol:

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