Vote to make St Georges Day a national holiday

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smoojalooge, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. St Georges Day Vote

    just about every other christian based country does it for theie saint why shouldn't we
  2. im with ya!

    for god, harry and saint george!

    wont we offend some people though?!?! :)
  3. I do hope so and why are we doing it for Princess Di's illegitimate son
  4. no waaah?

    shakespere: henry v: "cry god for harry, england and saint george"
  5. It appears that if you click on the link answer yes, close the window and repeat the process it counts your yes vote each time. So if you have nothing better to do....
  6. wasn't a wah but i did know I just can't resist a dig at that illegitimate ginger half wit
  7. Is that a true graph? no is like 31,000 and yes is like 60,000. Yet no isnt half the size of yes... :wink: Still i voted yes. It's a crying shame we don't have a day. Now all we need is a beer to sponser it

    St Patrick's Day - Guinness
    Australia Day - Foster's

    Any ideas?
  8. SCoy -it's nearly 600'000 not 60'000 :D I think a few people may have been voting more than once!

  9. Spitfire
    Anything by Sheapards Neame
  10. Adnams Broadside
  11. it needs to be drinkable.

    carling "taste of britian"
    strongbow "englands premier cider"

    itshould be a lager, if one was to be made up for the occasion

    bitter is an old mans drink. showing your ages arrsers!!!
  12. St Georges Day - Scrumpy :D