Vote rigging and finger pointing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. It seems Baroness Warsi has pointed the finger at Labour vote rigging from the 'asian community' during the general election. I'll bet she's glad no one can throw the racist slurs at her!

    BBC News - Baroness Warsi alleges Labour benefited from vote fraud

    I would have thought the round of jailings that happened last time would have put people off by now?
  2. Ah another irregular verb perhaps, "I am mildly prejudiced. You are racist. She has great self-awareness"?
  3. I recall reading an article that quoted a voting observer who was African. Nigeria or Kenya I believe. He is on record as saying that the corruption in the voting was something he expected from his country and not from the UK.
  4. Oh the joys of democracy & free speech

    Baroness Warsi, for it is she, lost in the 2005 General Election for Dewsbury by 'nearly 5000' votes, became a Working Peer and Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion. and then in 2010, made a Minister (Without Portfolio) in DC's Cabinet.

    So a failed PPC gets a lift up into the House of Lords and is now sat in the highest decision making council in the land and she has won the popular vote of . . erm . . . No one.

    Remind me again Sayeeda, what did you win?

    She should either speak-up or shut up.
  5. They are all at it - some Lib Dem in Brissle was knicking proxy votes of the old and infirm last time out the traps.
  6. I suspect she’s actually trying to point fingers at the main ethnicity of the culprits who are, by and large of Asian origin. A job as a local politician carries much 'respect' in many Asian cultures and to wrangle your way into said positions is often achieved via underhanded means. I wonder if the scale at which this now happens is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, or have there been examples of this kind of behaviour at the current reported scales in the past?
  7. Nothing new really, at least not where I stay (South Glasgow).

    It's pretty normal for either party volunteers to collect postal votes to "ensure they are returned safely" or for the head of the household (male) to fill out the postal votes for all of the other members of family of voting age.

    Now, whether all of those assigned a postal vote actually exist/reside at the address is another matter altogether.
  8. Fat_Cav, she is worth it as far as she puts the shits up the more extreme elements of the Islamic community and basically represents a fully westernised muslim woman (i.e. she ignores pretty much all of her brand of sky wizardry just like Anglicans).

    Hopefully this will help put an end to the lunacy of postal voting for everyone except those that actually need it (i.e. deployed servicemen).
  9. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Those in the Asian community caught ballot-rigging prosecute,strip them of citizenship and deport them.
  10. Difficult to do with people born in Britain...
  11. Whose votes, as I seem to recall, go astray with monotonous regularity. Couldn't be anything to do with the forces dressing to the right could it?

    Or postal ballots being delivered to affluent, pro-Tory areas that mysteriously go astray thanks to your friendly CWU shop steward at the sorting office.

    Or the human wall of Pakistani tellers that will greet Pakistanis who choose to vote in person to make sure that their votes are cast the "right" way (for this is a Pakistani problem, not an Asian one).

    As I said on another thread, combine straight voter fraud with gerrymandering of parliamentary constituencies and you have an electoral system that is an affront to democracy.
  12. I seem to recall the same changes to postal voting rules which deprived me of a vote a few years ago due to lack of notice in order to re-register, introduced postal votes for the masses and was taken up en masse by the Asian communities of the West Midlands and the north of England (don't know about London; probably there too).

    Not that I'm cynical or bitter about it.

    Ties in neatly with what Ancient Mariner was saying about the forces predominantly leaning to the right.