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Your final verdict on our SAS nominee.

  • Mostly a Walt, with a few genuine claims.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Ahhhh... Shit. It appears I have pasted some random junk in my poll options. I have also left out the "All singing all dancing gook killing hero with many medals to his name" option (probably wouldn't get that many votes anyway).


A pleasing end to a most wel-faught campaign for which you and your cohorts deserve buckets of praise. I trust you are going to pursue the para prat with the wonky widget with equal gusto. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and am now an avid arrsonist.

Hussar Hussar !!
that fact that you can drag your knuckles across the keyboard AND string almost a whole sentence together, means you do care, deep down.

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