Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Country_Bumpkin, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. Guilty of being a Walt of the highest magnitude. No credibility at all (an absolute oxygen thief alo

  2. Mostly a Walt, with a few genuine claims.

  3. Doddery old fella, too confused to know whether he's a Walt or not.

  1. The final verdict of the 'Does anyone in the Regiment recognise this fella' thread:
  2. Ahhhh... Shit. It appears I have pasted some random junk in my poll options. I have also left out the "All singing all dancing gook killing hero with many medals to his name" option (probably wouldn't get that many votes anyway).
  3. Country_bumpkin.


    A pleasing end to a most wel-faught campaign for which you and your cohorts deserve buckets of praise. I trust you are going to pursue the para prat with the wonky widget with equal gusto. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and am now an avid arrsonist.

    Hussar Hussar !!
  4. Wot about the "who gives a fcuk" vote
  5. that fact that you can drag your knuckles across the keyboard AND string almost a whole sentence together, means you do care, deep down.
  6. are we calling it an end to our friend captain hook aswell?
  7. are we calling it an end to our friend captain hook aswell? or if we continue is he going to threaten legal action as per?
  8. So if I post on this thread does it mean I am pretending to be a Skellen Trooper?