Vote Lairdx next general election.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lairdx, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Of course. The man is intelegent, articulate and just what the nation needs to become great once mor

  2. Fcuk that! The pictish loon is insane.

  3. Give the Lib Dems a chance.

  1. Fcuk it. I for one have had enough of the cnuts in the current government.

    My manifesto.

    Cheaper fuel. This will be obtained by invading Saudi arabia and taking over control of the emirates. British engineers got the fcuking stuff out of the ground for the tent dwelling wastrels in the first place ffs. I resent the strangle hold the keep on the supply.

    No more toadying to George W. Bush or indeed any US president. These colonials will be brought back to heel. My first action as Prime Minister will be to smack george dubbya in the chops. Tony Blair shall be appointed national jester and will be made to tour the nation wearing a silly hat and juggling rubber penises.

    Zero tollerence on crime. Police will have the power and discretion to be able to administer an on the spot beating to chavs, happy slappers, street crime, anti socail behaviour. There will be a drive to recruit more police particularly from the White Anglo Saxon protestant community.

    The british army shall be restored to the size it was (with regards the number of regiments) in 1815. Amalgamated regiments will be re formed. Eg. Highlanders will become Seaforths Gordons and Camerons. each regiment will have two battalions. the 2nd battalion being a National Service unit.

    More prisons will be built.

    The channel tunnel will be bricked up. Britain will not remain part of Europe but my aim is within twenty years to make Europe part of the british Empire.

    I'm for a united Kingdom. None of this celtic independance. It's all very well but not financially practical.

    That will do for starters.

    Now just as a PR excercise who would vote for me.
  2. You'd get my vote just to see this :D

  3. So what's your political party to be called? The Cake & ARRSE Party??
  4. Pol Pot in a kilt.
  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    If you can change that to wearing rubber penises and juggling a silly hat you have my vote straight away

    Could we make France a priority - make for much cheaper skiing and summer Hols.

  6. Lairdx

    you have the support of a lot of the forum.....go for it!
    I like the bit about George W getting a smack!!

    Good luck
  7. You've got my vote
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Lairdx, think very carefully before going down this dangerous route.

    You would then become a politician :oops: - that most detested group of people detested by ARRSE membership (including Scumn reporters :evil: . You would have to be deremonially drummed out of ARRSE and told never to show your Username and avatar here again.

    Just think of the shame you would bring on ARRSE, your family and your Regiment (even if it is being lost due to actions of said polliticos :( ).

    Whilst supporting your portfolio I would urge you to re-think this drastic course of action. :wink:
  9. you have my vote - when i am entitled to vote in the coming years :D
  10. Perhaps you might like to consider adding to your manifesto denying the Fire Service the ability to strike and the re-nationalisation of the Railways :D

  11. Yes but surely the reason politicians are the most detested people on this fine website are because fo their cnutish tendancies and ability to lie and sh!t on the entire country. With Lairdx's fine policies to correct the problems caused by previous politicians would actually make him a hero.

    a vote for Lairdx is a vote for the future.
  12. I can't believe five of you think I'm insane.
  13. I'm up for it matey, count on my fact if you need help canvassing/beating up the opposition then you'll get my help
  14. Make that 6 Laird, but it's a form of insanity I could vote for - WHY was that not an option? :D
  15. You missed the word "Only"...