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OK, not really compelling, but to break the monotony of a dull August day, this website:

wants you to vote for the best-looking 'wannabe' model - and personally I rarely need an excuse to study form in this manner.... Apparently it's all legit, and they haven't even paid to get their piccys on here.

I am obliged to say, however, that you should if conscience permits vote for Amy, as she works here (in MoD Main Building) and this could be her escape route :)

Anyway, it's a good excuse to examine piccys of young lasses, and it works on DII - always a bonus!
can you stick a pic or 2 on here? this pc wont let me into the site.


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And Amy is genuinely a nice girl.


Vote daily! Help reduce the number of Civil Servants by getting her a decent job involving lots of photographic work :)
Vote's in for Amy. Mind you, I do like the look of that 'London' filly :D
I need to be aiming for a job in MoD Main Building - Do Not Get Me Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might add that you can see her hotmail address on her profile and she is ripe for a bit of MSN Messenger- if she'll talk to you (not me then)!
Wouldn't it be simpler if she just came here and introduced her little self?

Errrrr belay that , I can see nothing but dramas there :(
Crushed- Her MSN profile:

A Little About Me

I am cute and cuddly ( not as in fat cuddly mind ) :) - lol
With a funny sense of humor :)

Favorite Things

Chinese meals, Roast dinners, Teddys : ) yay!
Chocolates, Watching bottom in bed and Essex.

bernard :)

Hobbies and Interests

dancing, going out and having a laugh. I collect teddys : ) bless.

Go to my dating site @

Favorite Quote

You love it!!

I av my pants on!


up the ass!??

Heeee Hoooooo

MSN Profile says long-term relationship, aged 22
Hi, This is Amy. My MSN profile hasn't been updated for a while.

PS: I am now single and up for a chat!

Fair play to that Tanya biddy. Doing the photo-shoot despite an acute attack of the writhing wildshites!


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