Vote For Woman of Glorious Russian Nuclear Industry

It doesn't show that when she takes those glasses off shes got 3 eyes!
Check out the others on the link, though. Some are hounds, some really aren't...

LOL! Your not wrong rumpelstiltskin, theres a few I'd let handle my cooling rod, oof.

right-grumpy, lets just hope the few covered bits haven't mutated into something odd!
There are 1000s of them and Dii lets me see them all..........
Oh thank you God :D :D :D

Or should that be Rumple :wink:


Book Reviewer
Are you sure this isn't some sort of nuclear dating site for women that no russian will go near?

Jesus. I'd let her go fission in my reactor. Why aren't our Universities producing this kind of talent? As a taxpayer, I demand an answer!

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