Vote for the spiv

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vinniethemanxcat, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. Tony Blair admits he misses being Prime Minister | Mail Online

    There's an interview with that slimy spiv Blair saying he would love to get back into politics.... it's amusing to see the comments underneath.

    Not one in his favour, and the arrows voting that they agree with the comments, not one for him, I'm busy giving him the green arrows myself..... not as satisfying as a whistling shovel, but at least the traitorous shit knows what his place in history will be.......
  2. I miss Blair as much as a boil on my ring , one good thing is Blair seems to have aged a lot lately ,hopefully he will die soon.
  3. Now he's sorted out the Middle Esat, he must be quite bored.
  4. If he comes back I hope he leaves the wicked witch behind, she could curdle milk with that bracket.
  5. But hopefully not quickly and painlessly.
  6. He is delusional without a doubt.
  7. The Master - an insane megalomaniac bent on World domination:

    Tony Blair, ex-PM of the UK
  8. Don't think so, he will just remind the labour faithfull about his track record of winning elections, what a towering world statesman he is, and what a geek Milliband looks, and the dozy fuckers will be rolling out the red carpet.
  9. I will miss him like a dose of the clap. I'm so glad he is married to THAT thing, and has to sleep with it.
  10. There's always a chance it could happen, he is, loathe him or dislike him, the most succesful labour PM ever to have existed, and these are politicians we're talking about. The only upside I could envisage is Cameron's CP team being posted to him and 'losing' him the way they did with Cameron's sprog, hopefully near the Finsbury Park mosque.
  11. Watch out, the bugger is probably lobbying for a seat in the Lords.
  12. Successful? I suppose you could say that. Successful in fucking the country up, which does seem to be Labours policy.
    I was actually wondering if he would be seen as Britains worst PM.
  13. A close second, only due to Neville chamberlain.
  14. Great thing about the internet is it reveals daily what a shower of greedy, lying, spoiled, slimy, lying, cunts all politicians are with this fucker at the top of the festering pile! What a fucking delusional cunt this fucking cunt of cunts is! His legislation and laws have wrecked this country and now he's pulling in 20 million a year pontificating about it around the world! There are not words adequate to describe my loathing for this fucking villainous worm! The cunt!