Vote for the Party or the Person?

Person or Party?

  • Person - local and national issues need a high quality candidate worthy of the House.

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  • Party - don't care if it might be a chimp behind the rosette - the party leadership/cabinet mat

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Here's a paradox:

Personally, I'm really going to struggle to vote Tory. Local MP was Ancram (snout in trough), but next door is worse - incumbent and likely to be returned is the abhorrent James Gray. So I can't really hand in my soul and vote for a Wilts Tory - furthermore IMHO CMD is a cosmetic and pretty hollow construct in the same mould as Blair.

However, the Devizes Tory candidate is pretty impressive; she's intelligent and urbane, and clearly happy to be a new broom. By contrast, the Lib Dems (who I'm finding increasingly politically appealing) are fielding a slightly scattier Doris who's also a Prescott lookalike. Less convincing in her command of local issues and arguably less likely to acquit herself as an MP.

If I were to pick the candidate, I'd go Tory, if I were to pick a party, I'd go Lib Dem. I'm not alone in the Pewsey Vale chattering classes in having this dilemma, and not alone in the country either.

In my case I'm frankly ambivalent about a hung parliament and rather feel that an interregnum of a couple of years based on consensus might be useful, but, how do others vote? Person or party?
I am lucky. I am going to vote for the person. This person just happens to belong to the party I support. (Putney. Justine Greening)

Lucky, lucky me.

Unlike the poor twerps in Neath who must vote for the revolting Peter Hain. Why? Because he is Labour and everyone in Neath votes Labour. Why? Because their parents did. Why? Because their parents did? Why? Because their parents did.

How can anyone live with themselves after voting for the orange perma-tanned, failed terrorist, failed criminal, Hain? The biggest cvnt in Westminster.

In case there is any doubt, I loathe and detest all Labour types, but this slimy specimen is beyond the 'hate-meter' of my life!

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