Vote for the BIRD!!!

Sad as it sounds ,Ive got a mate at uni who needs a favour, the great unwashed dosser can win a years free rent if his house mate wins this competion:
His house mates name is Paula Millsshe's only got 160 votes and the leader at present has 960 (that loony looking bird with the red cowboy hat on).
Its up to you Arrse subscribers, together we can change the course of history!
P.s you can win Mini iPods, STA travel vouchers and Samsung camera phones just for voting ( oh Im soo excited!)

Will she bend over and take it up the hoop frpm the fish like a good girl now?
I dont know her personally, but she looks the obliging sort.
I am sure once the fish is up to his gils in her minge, the job will be a good 'un.
Yes, as in the latest Viz profanisaurus you'd be " Up to your cannon wheels"

(Remember if she wins all voters get invited to the piss up)
and Lippy Im sure youv'e got more than one email, vote again!
it looks as if she has chubber cheeks and could use a month long man glue diet...voted for her anyway, being a arrser request and all :oops:
Consider it done
Is that a bloke or a bird second down in the middle (the one of African decent)? With a face like that and a name like Shemel Fanfair one has to wonder :?:
Put one on for the ream. She's up to 186 now. I was torn between helping a comrade in arms or the cute Jodi Bennett. Just read here profile and she's Welsh. A Welsh student... bet shes well known around the campus.
Done. But there's a scouse bird on there with over 1000 votes. We need to mobilise the arrse vote rigging masses :D
205 now....c'mon ARRSErs!! :D

Note to Barrack Room Lawyer: if you re-titled this thread 'Vote for this bird' you'd probably get more interest. I thought this was going to be another attack on Dubya, so I avoided it!! :D
would love to vote but the works pc wont let me access it :cry:
Done. It was a close one between her and Galer but then I thought stuff it, she probably wouldn't sleep with me anyway.

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