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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by felixthefox, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Ladies and gentleman, its that time of year again when the BBC ask you the public to vote for this years Sports Personality. This is where we get to see all the footballers, rugby players, darts players etc etc nominated. It is not very often you see anyone from the motorcycle world, let a lone anyone from the off road world. So I suggest you click on the link and cast your vote.

    how many sports do we have a british succesful defender of a world champ? that has won ever event in the class and then gone and won events in other championships in the same year?


    vote for David Knighter! 8)
  2. Nicole Cooke for me
  3. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Zara Phillips is a shoe in for the Individual and the Ryder Cup team for the, err, Team, not surprisingly.
  4. oh come on how many people does the country have that this year have been succesful defending world champs, and won every single event of the series? eerrrrr 1 as it happens, surely that deserve the award
  5. Mick Gualt the Commonwealth Games Pistol shooter who has amassed a record number of Commonwealth medals, so many in fact I can't remember! :oops:
  6. There's Shelley Rudman too - the winter olympics seems like ages ago!!

  7. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    I should be delighted if someone from the shooting world won it, indeed I think there was a piece in Shooting Times recently exhorting people to get Mick on the list, however this is the ever so PC BBC and I don't suppose poor old Mick will even get on the short list. :x
  8. I did in fact email "aunty" and ask if perchance he might even get a ticket for the show; the reply at the time was very positive but of course that was just after the Commonwealth games and Mick's name was still "newsworthy" at that time.
  9. Knighter has defended his tiltle only once, in the 80's Dave Thorpe held the tiltle for years and never got a mention so the Knightrider has a way to go yet. That being said he'll get my vote. Motorcross riders never die, they just get dirtier!
  10. I have already posted this in other forums, but here it is again!

    For those of you who may remember Shelley Rudman who won a Silver medal at the Winter Olympics this year, she was taught by the REME (ex VM Sgt Jack Baldwin) and RLC (Donna Leslie) on an Army Ice Sports camp in 2002, Shelley also has other links with the Army which have been mentioned in other threads. She is a cracking lass genuinely honest and as we all know very good looking!! There is a plan by her website to get her nominated for BBC Sports personality of the year, and after having very little backing, even less money and a sled bought by her local pub, i think she deserves a chance!

    Go to the bbc website and place her as your nomination, lets see if we can sway the votes towards her inclusion, and test the power of ARRSE!
  11. He's been before; he went after the 2002 Games, when the BBC was so twitchy about shooting that they didn't actually show any of it (in contrast to a much-improved performance this year).

    He described sitting behind one W. Rooney, as he won the "Young Sports Personality of the Year" award; beating Charlotte Kerwood, who had just won Commonwealth Gold at age 15, for shotgun.

    So, it's possible. It would be nice to see Mick in the final few - he's a really sound bloke, even if he was in the RAF :)
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I voted for David Walliams, for getting across the channel the hard way, and quicker than most other swimmers!
  13. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Walliams - NO!

    He's a comedian who is a good swimmer, not an athlete who is funny!
  14. Beth Tweddle - amazing progress for a Brit gymnast.