vote for Josh Lewsey by Monday am and ABF wins

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Poppy, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. That's getting a lot closer then it was last night! Keep it going!
  2. I was just listening to the radiobroadcast again.Are we actually talking 30k here?Sounds to me like josh and his pal will put another 20 k into the pot if they win.Can somebody just listen to it again and make sure?
  3. Currently:

    Barry Gibb (Diabetes Research Institute) 24%
    Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson (Helen Bamber Fdn) 5%
    Josh Lewsey (Army Benevolent Fund) 30%
    Simon May (The Friends of The Park School in Woking) 29%
    Archbishop Desmond Tutu (The Community Arts Therapy Programme) 12%
  4. Yes that's correct. His mate "volunteered" to give up his 20k 8O
  5. Come on then people 30k for ABF!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Bump!!!!!
  7. Bump indeedy.
  8. Might as well bump this thread also along with the other, with over 30,000 members hopefully ARRSE will win this for Josh Lewsey! 8)
  9. Must take a lot of votes to move it off of the 30% mark!
  10. Josh who?

  11. well he gets my vote (covert BUMP)
  12. Voted Lewsey
  13. My vote's in.