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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wildboar, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick thought on these In Year Saving Measures. I believe that it should be known as the "In Year Waste Of Money." Let me expand further:

    My Regt will still cost the MOD in military pay alone for the next 6 months (using lowest pay band and rough numbers)

    Rank No Annual Pay Cost
    Lt Col 1 £65,717 £32,858.50
    Maj 3 £46,824 £70,236.00
    Capt 6 £37,172 £111,516.00
    WO1 1 £37,843 £18,921.50
    WO2 7 £35,342 £123,697.00
    SSgt 10 £32,572 £162,860.00
    Cpl 4 £25,887 £51,774.00
    Total £571,863.00

    Which will be many times the amount that will be saved by stopping all payed TA training until April next year! Not a bad job if you can get it. 6 months to get some golf in. Has anyone else thought of this or is it just me being a cynic?

    As to my first question. Would Clarkson have agreed to save so little and still spend so much? Not to mention doing this in the TA's 101st year!
  2. I am assuming that you are from a TA regiment and you have cobbled together the numbers of Regular and NRPS personnel that will still be on the books for the rest of 09/10 training year.

    You are right in one sense, in that it looks like a lot of money.

    However, the pay for Regulars and NRPS (and civis) was never taken into account as part of the in-year savings. Only the savings in liability have been achieved (in those closing regiments).

    TA personel have provided the real savings by cutting their activity (MTDs).
  3. Who's Clarkson?
  4. Good post. In other words, a marginal saving on variable costs, completely eclipsed by fixed costs which remain unchanged apart from the fact that they now deliver absolutely no effect. Good job no one in government has to run a business - this would be commercial f#cking suicide (to quote Carter USM).
  5. And the rest SSSA accomodation, allowances, heating utilities etc of all the drill halls.
  6. Interesting points, but lots of MP's and ministers have very lucrative businesses
  7. Jeremy Clarkson isn't an MP you Sun reading herd following bore.
  8. Only 35 grand for a WO2?

    Low band loser then?
  9. Jeremy Clarkson is a boring prick. This is someone I'd like to fight.
  10. I heard him say you are a boring cnut and he'll kick your ass!

    Just what I heard :D
  11. Sh1te post.

    What the original poster has failed to mention is that the TA are wnank.
  12. Whereas, as a rough ball park figure taking an average TA bn being 400 strong, with an average wage of £50 over 27 days costs £540.000. Not including bounties. I don't know how much your bounties are so can't give a figure, but i imagine it would add a further 200k minimum to this.

    Add to this the cost of 4-5 TAC's, with the staff to run it, maintain it etc

    Be careful bandying figures around, cause on paper the TA looks even more of an attractive option for cuts to the mongs in government.

    I sincerely hope the TA is around for a lot longer, i have every intention of joining when i leave so i am not advocating what has been done, but just adding some caution to some of the wild ideas being put out.

    The overall impression a lot of us regs are getting is that the TA would be happy to see reg units disbanded in order to save the TA. Hvy A, AD, SP Arty, Armd Engr being mentioned. Don't forget all soldiers have secondary roles, alot of these Hvy A lads aren't sat in camp twiddling their thumbs they are in Afghan driving Mastiffs, Warriors, Vikings etc

    Arty can be re-roled quickly to light gun from nasties, RA, RE and RAC can be used in the light inf role, as per NI. Or used as FP

    Very little of the reg army cannot be used for other things. It is a TA myth that when not on ops we do sod all.

    I think the TA need to take this on the chin, as unpleasant as it is, as some of the posts coming out are getting quite petulant and derogatory of the regs. If more regs read your forums i imagine they would be getting pretty threaders by now and you's may get more abusive posts against you. If some of these ideas. like those above where mentioned to the units involved i am sure the TA would lose any sympathy you may currently have from the regs.

    Also ALL TA medic types, the regs know we can't do without you so stop biting. I think your future is a given. (No slight intended on other TA bods who have deployed)
  13. Weyhey I get paid more than a lowest grade WO1 :)
  14. So do i :)
  15. Fcuking stupid ARAB's :)