Vote for cabinet menbers of Arrseonia

Ill forge the way with this topic. Here are the first three cabinet posts any more will, im shure, be welcom.

Minister for Peace (War Office): Post Unfilled.
Minister for Love (Internal Security): Post Unfilled.
Minister for Friendship (Foreign Office): Post Unfilled.

So nominat away
I nominate VB as Minister for Love.

He strikes me as being the sort of chap who would relish the chance to persecute minorities, crush the oppressed underfoot, and deny the rabble certain privileges* on a whim.

*Like eating and breathing.
Can I be Foreign Minister?

I promise I will make a thorough job of alienating everybody, thus creating lots of work for the War Office, and make it my lifes work to annihilate all the french surrender monkey nations.

Can I wear my Blackshirt now?

Please please please please?
I hereby offer my candidacy for the head of the Arrsonia Security and Intelligence Agency (ASIA)

My CV and references are in the post. However, I feel Darth_Doctrinus will support my application.
I nominate Lairdx as Minister for Peace (War). He has demonstrated the rare ability to play both sides of the coin.
I nominate FineX for Minister of Spelling.
thank you i will gladly accept that position. my first bit of legeslation will be to alow people to spell how ever they whant.
evilgenius said:
I would like to apply for the post of Minister of Evil Deeds, failing that could i be eye_spy's 2i/c ?
Iwould consider it an honour to serve with you evilgenius. Glad to have you aboard. We could do with more of your type.
I'd like to nominate myself and Smoojalooge for the post of arrsonian entertainments minister(s). I quote our fine achievements when we worked on the basrah international airport entertainment commitee as references.
Would like to apply for a job, something in "black ops", "misinformation" or general tomfoolery. :D
evilgenius said:
Speak to eye_spy agent i am sure he could find a suitable job in A.S.I.A
Indeed Agent Orange. I will of course be looking for someone to head up the Black Ops Division of ASIA. It is yours if you support my candidacy for the head of ASIA.
How about RTFQ for minister of Love?
woopert said:
How about RTFQ for minister of Love?
Is that luurrrrve?
I would gladly accept the position for Minister for Peace (War) as proposed by Sandmanfez. I would also like to nominate Lord |Flash for the position of Minister for Troll affairs.
I would like to recommend myself, for minister for women.

I'll keep those naughty vixens in order :D

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