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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by insert-coin-here, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. The Government has just launched it's latest effort to reconnect with disaffected voter's by being able to petition parliament online.

    The idea is that should an online petition receive 100,000+ signatures then the powers that be will at least discuss the matter in the HoC.

    To this end Guido Fawkes intends to wage an online campaign to force a discussion for the reintroduction of capital punishment for kiddy and plod killer's

    For some reason I thought there might be an ARRSE'r or two who might like a look at this:

    Government Launches e-Petitions Website Guido Submits “Restoration of Capital Punishment” Petition - Guy Fawkes' blog
    I think the potential for improving Saturday night TV are limitless.

    No more 'Britain's got a sad and cringeworthy obsession with the cult of celebrity',say hello to 'Saturday night sex pest death squad'.

    And it will save a few quid on prison space's too.

  2. OK done my duty and signed the petition....................
  3. If we can have a referendum on something as banal as alternative voting then I think that each year (on the Thursday in May) we should have a vote on important things like, capital punishment, staying in euope and such like.
    It's not going to happen as the politicians don't want the people to have any power, they despise elections and have contempt for the voters other than when they need them to keep their jobs. Like many of our revered institutions, government need a radical reform.
    I'll vote for any party that promises to abolish the TV licence. Even in the PRC you don't need one.
  4. As high minded as your wishes may be I posted this in the NAAFI with the intention of getting our own version of The Running Man on to our screens.

    One way to get the show on the road would be a one off prime time pilot show where Saturday night talent show celebs are thrown into the ring with each other and force to fight to the death.

    Taking inspiration from an anecdote on the 'Kenyan' thread I thought that using coshes fashioned from deep frozen turds with nails hammered through them would make pretty entertaining weaponry.
    The idea that the turd would eventually thaw out under the hot studio lights would act as a pretty good incentive to get in there and kill your opponent as quickly as possible.

    The thought of dung covered Cheryl Cole bludgeoning A weeping Bruce Forsythe to death with a spikey toilet snake should be enough to get the pilot episode off the ground.
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  5. I am sorry to have posted an inappropriate comment on your thread.
    Having read your hopes for a TV show I realise that you are being far more realistic than me. You deserve support which you will receive without needing my help, so I'll bugger off. .