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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Good CO, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    While looking in to the likes system, I came across this feature request. Those with a passion for liking and in this case disliking may like to add your weight to the vote. We are due for an update of the software that runs the likes system, so this could be timely.

    A dislike button added to the likes system
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  2. can we get the "likes" system sorted first?

    Maybe just my end, but it's also affected the PM notification. I *know* I have PM, but it doesn't show in the notifications bar.
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  3. Not a fan of them. Allows the terminally outraged a way to just click like mad on anything that upsets them and encourages those posters who find that sort of thing amusing to try and post things that will get them the record number of dislikes and as we seem to be having a bit of a cull of non-pc postings and posters that might thin the membership a bit too much.

    So if you ever manage to get a poll organised for this thread put me down for a no :)
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  4. I'll be honest and say I'm not even fussed about having the likes back to be honest.

    However I do acknowledge that having a like button cuts down on the amount of people quoting the same post over and over and adding "lol" I cant see it working for dislikes.

    Folk will want to vent their spleen regardless.
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  5. We already have one. It's called the Ignore setting. Don't like? Don't read.

    That voting system sucks long, hard and deep, BTW.
  6. add a poll to the thread?

    I dunno about adding a dislike function, mind you I wasn't bothered by the 'like' function at first, then realised it does seem to have cut down the 'Lol' posts (as previously mentioned by steven seagull)
    Kudos over on rear party was amusing for a while, but a dog walt 'won' before it got binned.

    would it be easy to trial for a while and possibly turn off again if it turns out to be a bad idea?
  7. Sorry but my vote would be a definite 'No' for a dislike button.

    As mentioned earlier, a 'like' saves repetion of 'what he said' posts.

    On the other hand, if someone dislikes something then it's likely they have an alternate viewpoint and are better served by stating that in a subsequent post.

    A like and dislike competition serves no useful purpose and brings the site into Daily Mail Green/Red arrow territory where I'm convinced that most red arrows are given because the posting are given by default when the author of a post has strayed beyond the reader's attention span (roughly twenty words)
  8. Can we dislike the poster and not the post? It would save a lot of time if every time they posted there was a nice little ribbon underneath that says 'V_M thinks I am a throbber.'
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  9. No,it will encourage anarchy on the site,also it would be more appropriate to mend the 'Likes' function first.....
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  10. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I'll try and be more clear as it seems that my post wasn't understood: Yes, you can have the likes system sorted first. My post regards a third party website that allows people to support suggestions to software manufacturers and is in no way related to what I am working on. The proposed dislikes system has no confirmation of acceptance and therefore no date for implementation. It would not be sensible to wait to fix the likes.

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  11. I like this.
  12. I think so. There were some big words in there, so I asked a grown up to help me and he told me what they meant. So I went away and did the 'yes' one.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Most of the replies so far have been 'No' , but that was so before the 'Likes' button came along.

    Not everyone uses the Like button and I would guess that not everyone will use a 'Dislike' button.

    Bearing that in mind I would say put it up and let those who want to to use it and those that don't to just ignore it. Mind you, there are some posters on ARRSE who would steam in with umbrage boiling over if someone dared to dislike a post of theirs - so maybe there will be some entertainment value :twisted:
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  14. Any chance of seeing who is ignoring you? Sometimes I feel as though I am talking to myself, twas only the Likes that gave me any indication anyone reads any of the crap I post.
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  15. I 'dislike' the 'dislike' button. As others have said 'like' cuts down on repetitive posts. I am posting this as there is no 'dislike' button on the original post.