Vote for a 5 year old girl's photo please

posted by Airbourne over on rear party
"Would you all be so kind to help out a lovely little 5 year old girl...........
My friends daughter has done a drawing for a Stella McCartney competition. There are 2 categories, one for the girls and one for the boys. The winning drawing will have their design put on to one of Stella's tshirts.
My friends daughter was winning and then along came an entry from a girl in Brazil. Fair play you might think and it was........................until the parents of this child started emailing abuse to my friend!
Most odd and a little bit pathetic really.

Anyway, there's only a few days left of the competition but Eve's drawing is now 76 votes behind as the Brazilian media have got behind the other drawing!
So if you would be so kind as to click on the link, login (you can login via facebook if you have it) and just click on "love".

BeeLion - Stella’s drawing contest

It would make a little girl very happy!
Thank you! "

I was asked to post it over here

link : BeeLion - Stella’s drawing contest

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