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I have just watched BNPs election broadcast, useing an ex squadie as its principle. Also if you read in the family issues on the army net forums the trouble one of our own is having getting social housing after time done. What are your thoughts on this and are any of you nationalist enough to vote BNP.
WarDodger!! said:
I dont, I am serving as you are, just thought I would see what the reaction would be to this.
How do you know I'm serving? I have to be honest, most squaddies/people with a bit of common sense/people who don't work as journalists wouldn't have put this the NAAFI. It's what current affairs is for :roll:
WarDodger!! said:
I dont, I am serving as you are, just thought I would see what the reaction would be to this.
Well sounds like some Jerno fishing for a great "All Squaddies are right wing racists" headline to me!
Can you pass her on to me please after you have finished and I will break her in. Ask her to bring some Charlie as well please. :lol:


I couldn't give a sh*t what the press think of squaddies, they think that we're scum anyway.

I thought it was very good. The problem is as large as they claimed yet the current Government makes no mention of it. It is more than likely an embarrassment to them, given what they've asked us to do for them over the past decade. The broadcast was obviously made with that in mind, but had the Tories thought of it first they'd more than likely have used it themselves.

I'm not bothered so much about Joe Public, I'm more interested in us. We give more yet receive less. I don't buy into this 'you make your own bed, so lie in it' crap either. The problem is that some of these guys aren't cut out for civvy street. They were reliant in more ways than one on the Mob. Many have psychiatric problems, many were discharged because of them (constant disciplinary problems etc). They're not losers and they're not wasters. Many have done thier bit and those who haven't, were more than likely denied the chance through not being with the right unit at the right time. Doesn't make them any less men in my eyes.

They used the problem to good effect, but they'll never be in Government in this country, certainly not in my time. Some of the people who watched it back home may have recognised what was going on, others wouldn't give a sh*t. But if they take seats from Bliar and Co, then good on them.

They can be accused of using the plight of homeless squaddies to further their own cause, but I back them for doing so.

You've got to believe in something. Our problem is that we despise all politicos, irrespective of party preference..........and so we should.

It's politicians who could make all the difference to former soldiers, but they don't seem to give a sh*t about them.
WarDodger!! said:
At last an inteligent response.
Unlike should be "intelligent"

Well said Biscuits_AB.
To be honest, BNP, all the way at least they think about Britain first. Unlike all the other political cnuts, who care about third world or rag head countries before their own.

Not to mention spending Fcuk knows how many Billions on Op Telic which could have been spent on School Dinners or the NHS which needs it more than some rag-head junior needs a round through him. What good is actually come out of Op Telic except about 70 - 80 soldiers being killed (murdered) in the most corrupt 'legal' conflict ever?
Have you finished that 15 year old yet? I'm waiting for my crack and these Iraqi POWs aren't going to photograph themselves (not while they're tied to a forklift anyway).

BNP - would consider them as a last resort vote, but if things ever get that bad we'd be better off starting the revolution.

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